Thursday, May 24, 2012

Budding Love #6.3

As he entered in the room he saw a cynical smile coming up on her face. He looked at her with questioning eyes to which she replied… So??
So, means? What? He said and shrugged.
Hmmm, she continued clearing her throat, so, who is Pinky huh? Why you didn’t introduce your first love to me huh??
Ma told you na… we played together when we were kids and nothing else…
Really??? Ma told me something else too.. are you forgetting something? That you should have told me long back?
What… You don’t try to pull my leg… I’m not gonna fall prey ok!! He declared
So who use to hold her hand and drop her to school every day and bring her back from school to the auto… Ahh you had such a great caring sense when you were a kid…
You mean I don’t care now? He got serious…
Aree yaar, this is not fair when you ask me all mischievous questions, I’m supposed to answer them with 100% truthfulness and when I’m just trying to …
Interrupting her, he hold her by her shoulders and made her sit on the bed… while he sat on his knees, ok… fine you want to know who is Pinky right… ?
Yes, she said gaining back her lost enthusiasm.
Hmm, Pinky is not my friend or love, she is more than that, she is my guide, she has been always there for me, as you know by now, we studied together in same school and they stayed a house next to ours, so being in same colony we even played together. As we grew our friendship also did! That’s it.
Ummm and what about the proposal?
What proposal, that was just our parents or rather my parents who thought she will be a great daughter I law…
Don’t tell me… even you were ready, right for the marriage?
If she would have agreed… he blushed
Ohhh… that hurt her so deep, she was in pain… So you still fantasize about her being your wife?
What non sense… are you Mad, out of your sense? I said, we were just friends, and I had no problem if she would have accepted the marriage proposal... Think before you speak mad lady, she is someone’s wife now. He stretched his words.
And what before she was someone else’s wife? You did think about her often huh?
Yes… that again hurt her, I did think, not about her, and then I thought that I’m someone else’s husband… Are you going to stop those stupid questions? Or we are planning to play a quizze show her, ok then now my turn… Did you ever feel I’m not true to you? Someone brings up some topic and you start questioning?
Ohh, I had no intentions of hurting you; I just thought I should use this chance I got to tease you!! Why are you angry…
And you have met Pinky… he again cut her sentence in between.
What… me… when? Pinky?
Preeto you remember she came here yesterday with mama mami.
Preeto Di... she is Pinky… ?
Yes!! Pinky is her pet name, but after marriage everyone has stopped calling her Pinky, he doesn’t like it seems, people calling her by name Pinky and she is older than me, so she had refused the proposal.
Older and you studied in same class, She was confused now.
When Did I say same class? Same school… We were together in same school, after she passed 10th she went for college to other city and then our communication had broken.
Ohh… so sad… A great love story had to break in middle of making history… Things could not happen… She remarked sarcastically… you feel sad about it?
No… Not at all, because if she would have accepted the proposal, I would have been in a great loss!!
What loss… ??
I would have missed you in my life… he said and he hugged her. In his arms she forgot everything… She softly replied to his hug, “I know you love me a lot!!!”, looking up to him in his eyes, she continued… “I can see that in those twinkling eyes…” to which he just smiled and kissed her forehead!
Promise me, you will not ask such questions again… you won’t doubt my love again... you won’t hurt me like this again… he has a series of questions.
I never doubted you dear, I was just teasing you, but I can’t promise I will never do it again... now whenever I will see Preeto di... she paused releasing herself from his arms, she continued these questions are going to come in my mind!! she grinned and ran to the other side of bed.
After running for a while behind her, he was able to get hold of her, both gasping for breath “Shhh… don’t forget Ma and Papa are also there in the house…” she laid her head on his shoulder and after their breath regained normal speed she took his hand and said, you know I was very hurt when you said you were ready to marry Preeto….
I don’t know why… may be the realization that I was not your first choice was hurting me…
It is the main drawback of arrange marriage you know, he said pressing her hand, You have to reject so many before selecting the one… But… Hmm… Madam… Mera man ek kora kagaj tha… jispe bhagwan ne tumhara naam likha hai.. (My heart was a blank paper on which God has written ur name) and now it is no way going get erased…
She was content with his answer, no questions left in her mind!! But he had something store for her… He pulled an envelope from the pillow and handed it to her, she looked at it surprised with perplexed eyes, as she opened it, two tickets to Singapore popped out of it…
Wow!!! She exclaimed as she had never imagined she would be there even in her dreams…
She questioned him what is all this… ??
This is my treat for you for your today’s accomplishment... for treating and caring for my family like yours!! I hope you like my treat. The trip is in next month as this month is a bit hectic and me getting leave is not possible.
She had never expected something like this would be in store for her, she was overwhelmed, It was very big thing for her, tears started flowing and she could not speak a word, she was full of emotions.
She just cuddled into his arms and made herself comfortable, though the day was hectic, she was not feeling sleepy, and she had so much to share with him, ask him and so much to create memories to cherish them throughout their life about these couple of days which had brought with them bundle of joyous memories.
Chatting, thinking, knowing more about each other, planning for the Singapore trip, somewhere they went to sleep. 

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