Monday, May 21, 2012

Budding Love #5

She came back home from a hectic schedule feeling tired, still her tired eyes searched for him.  There was no sign of him. She went upstairs and started getting fresh, she felt so exhausted, wiping her face she fell on the bed.
She woke by the tingling sensations his caressing generated. With half open sleepy eyes she looked at him, he was still in his formals meaning he had just arrived…
Ohh I’m sorry I don’t know when I fell asleep, she tried getting up putting her hair into a bun.
You didn’t tell me you are not feeling well? You should have called me; I would have come early from office.
Huh?? No I’m fine… just feeling tired and exhausted because of the over packed schedule, so might be because of that I slept…  after that power nap I’m feeling good. You get fresh I will prepare dinner by that time. She got up to get started but he insisted her to take rest.
You have fever, don’t do anything now, you take some rest. I will get fresh and just be back. He said folding his sleeves to elbows.
Shhhhhh… he scolded her and did not allow her to do anything. She kept watching him going in and out of the room and once in a while at the thermometer that he placed in her mouth, finally after a while he came to her and sat there near her bedside, “In few min we will be ready to have dinner”. He checked the thermometer and exclaimed… “Look… I was right and now you are going to take rest”.  He went in to get fresh…
What? But, how? What did you do…
Don’t worry nothing much I have just prepared Dal and rice.
Ummm… she kept mum… they had dinner in peace and slept.
Next day she was not able to get up, she was feeling week, she had a bad stomach ache which had taken over her.  She could not get up and sit, she wondered how she will work in office, She decided to take a leave and be at home. He was already away, meaning he was getting ready for office. She went back to sleep. After some time he came to her with cup of tea.
“you are still here?”
Off course, dear, you are not well and how can I not be here? Where else would I go?
And office?
Bunk…  for you!!! And he widened his eyes.
No… I’m fine you go to office.  She argued but in vain. She knew he won’t listen.
Whole day he sat beside her, caring. They went to doctor in evening as she did not recover. She asked him to order something but he insisted he would prepare himself. Since doc had advised not to each heavy food, to keep it light, he prepared khichadi for her.
He took some in a plate and topped it with ghee, the aroma was very tempting as he entered the room, she started complaining, I trouble you a lot na… you have to cook because of me… but I said you can order something from hotel…
See… you are already having stomach infection and in this condition eating food from hotel is not advised, he grinned as he fed her.
As she chewed she started crying!!  He panicked, what happened? He went besides and wiped her tears…
Controlling her sobs she started explaining, I feel like I’m a baby, I will eat myself…. Im very bad, you care for me so much and I’m lying here sick… I always trouble you!!
No dear it’s not like that, I love doing this for you, after all I get this chance once in a while, all throughout the year it’s you who keeps caring for me, making note of my every little need, understanding me, and if I would have been sick you won’t have cared for me? let me do it for you dear, you just take rest…
But…  she knew she cannot win
Before she could argue on anything more he stuffed her mouth with another spoon of khichadi.
Hmmm nice idea to keep her mouth shut he thought to himself.
After 2 days she felt good. She got ready and went to the kitchen…
Ohhh my god… she was about to blast… was this the kitchen she left, the empty glucose packet lying at a side, covered with ants, the gas had spilled water, The kitchen platform had salt, spices spread over making nice design… the sight was horrible.
She felt like shouting and calling his name aloud… and him explanation to what he has done, but her heart stopped her… it asked her to think for a while, why is all this here, from 3 days he was in charge of the kitchen, he cooked food for you, the one who hated to come to kitchen even to take a sip of water. He prepared glucose for you, cooked food for you; what if he didn’t spend time cleaning the mess that was created here. She recollected all the moments of care that he spent with her, how he would rush with glucose water when she would get hiccups, hmmm she smiled at herself, he had to boil water as she was suffering from stomach infection which tasted yuck, to provide sweetness and some energy he would add glucose powder to it… the memory made all her anger fade away in a sec and she started cleaning the kitchen, keeping all things to their defined places agreeing to her heart she said to herself… he loves me so much… and was lost in the pampering she had received for these 3 days, when he came by her side and asked her how she was feeling.
You can take rest for today.
No I’m fine, feeling good now. You get ready I will prepare breakfast.
Sure?? She nodded affirmatively, Umm ok… he kissed her forehead and left. While she prepared breakfast she heard him calling…
“Where are my socks… ” and that brought a smile on her face, and she headed upstairs.

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