Sunday, July 12, 2009

Story writting competition in Infy.

There was a Story writting competition organised in Infy, The following story by me got third place. But prize was only for 1st place. Hope you like it.


Today the day started with new enthusiasm, we were excited about this day from so many days! We all got ready and started for school.It felt like it was my first day to school. My 3 year “Princess” was also excited. As it was the first day all parents were there with their children, we all were taken to a open space, All of us were given a sampling for plantation. The students were told that this is a new friend they will have for life time! With this they were also told to think of a name for their new friend, Princess thought for a long time and at the end she came up with "Kuhu”. The name took me back on the untraveled dusty road of my memories, when I was 3-4 years of age.It was EARTH DAY! Our society had decided to plant a tree per child in the society and children will be sole responsible to take care of the plants. Each child was given a sampling; mine was a Mango sampling, when I came to know that it will produce mangoes I got more excited. We planted them around the society. Each Day we use to make sure we water the plants. All children were very possessive about their plants and unknowingly a competition started. Each one wanted his plant to be the best! To protect our plants from animals we created a covering of bricks around it. It became my daily routine to visit “Kuhu” yes I called him Kuhu, when I returned from school, Empty my water bottle , tell all my school stories to Kuhu. As I grew, Kuhu also started growing. Soon Kuhu was taller than me. It didn’t take much time for Kuhu to take my Best Friends position. We use to spend hours together. I found studying with him more exciting. I use to learn and then teach him! There were times when I cried due to fights in school. But spending some time with Kuhu would make me forget all my pain. I use to always be hanging on his branches. We played around Kuhu in the evening. In my 10th class there was no solace place to be other than Kuhu, looking towards my interest my father build a tree house for me. I took all my books and started staying with Kuhu; those were the most beautiful days of my life. I passed my exams with good marks. With Kuhu everything was interesting, further I cleared UPSC – IFS (Indian Forest service). My parents had encouraged me a lot. That was the happiest day in my parents’ life. My career was getting settled now. What else would someone want?But my saddest day arrived when I came to know I have to join in a different city. It was a nightmare; I could not imagine parting my parents and more than that Kuhu. I could at least take my parents with me. I didn’t want to join, but my parents handled the situation. After many explanations and consideration I decided to move on with life and I could always visit my home and Kuhu when I wished to! The Day came when I had to part from Kuhu, I could feel the sadness in atmosphere. I promised Kuhu to visit him very frequently.My first day to office was good, not fantastic as I could not come out of the fact that from now onwards I would not be able to see Kuhu, hug him for every joy, share secrets and rely on him for keeping it a secret! I took few days to adjust with the new environment, people. I was overjoyed when I got my first salary and decided to visit home. I had so many things to share with Kuhu. I had taken a week off and without informing my parents I visited them. They were shocked to see me right in front of them! After a long time I was going to visit Kuhu, I decided to spend one day with Kuhu in my tree house! Days passed by and I had to painfully return. I made sure I visit home once in a month but as work load increased the frequency decreased. One day I got a phone call from my Mom she sounded down, I got worried; after trying for a long time I got to know that our society had decided to cut down Kuhu and construct a health center there. I was dumbstruck, I was restless. I reached home by the latest possible means, I talked to the society chairman but they seemed to be adamant. It looked like no one other than me had problem. Everyone was looking forward for a health club there. After a lot of protest I had to give up, I cried a lot and I just could not bear the thought, I went to Kuhu, hugged him and cried a lot. My throat was about to choke up when a small thing hit me on head. I looked down and to my surprise it was an unripe Mango. My joy knew no bounds, but suddenly I was gripped with sadness. I decided to leave without letting anyone know. I haven’t visited that place again which I called HOME. After retirement my parents shifted to my place.I came back to senses when Princess asked me to be first person to water “HER Kuhu” and at the same time my tear fell on the plant. I decided to visit the place I once called Home. There was a drastic change there was a cement road and a health club. The view raised only one question in my mind was it necessary to take My Kuhu’s life for this? Why do we human being harm nature for our interests? What you sow, you reap. Because of such human actions we are getting reactions like global warming! Save Earth, Save Trees!

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