Thursday, May 24, 2012

Budding Love #6.3

As he entered in the room he saw a cynical smile coming up on her face. He looked at her with questioning eyes to which she replied… So??
So, means? What? He said and shrugged.
Hmmm, she continued clearing her throat, so, who is Pinky huh? Why you didn’t introduce your first love to me huh??
Ma told you na… we played together when we were kids and nothing else…
Really??? Ma told me something else too.. are you forgetting something? That you should have told me long back?
What… You don’t try to pull my leg… I’m not gonna fall prey ok!! He declared
So who use to hold her hand and drop her to school every day and bring her back from school to the auto… Ahh you had such a great caring sense when you were a kid…
You mean I don’t care now? He got serious…
Aree yaar, this is not fair when you ask me all mischievous questions, I’m supposed to answer them with 100% truthfulness and when I’m just trying to …
Interrupting her, he hold her by her shoulders and made her sit on the bed… while he sat on his knees, ok… fine you want to know who is Pinky right… ?
Yes, she said gaining back her lost enthusiasm.
Hmm, Pinky is not my friend or love, she is more than that, she is my guide, she has been always there for me, as you know by now, we studied together in same school and they stayed a house next to ours, so being in same colony we even played together. As we grew our friendship also did! That’s it.
Ummm and what about the proposal?
What proposal, that was just our parents or rather my parents who thought she will be a great daughter I law…
Don’t tell me… even you were ready, right for the marriage?
If she would have agreed… he blushed
Ohhh… that hurt her so deep, she was in pain… So you still fantasize about her being your wife?
What non sense… are you Mad, out of your sense? I said, we were just friends, and I had no problem if she would have accepted the marriage proposal... Think before you speak mad lady, she is someone’s wife now. He stretched his words.
And what before she was someone else’s wife? You did think about her often huh?
Yes… that again hurt her, I did think, not about her, and then I thought that I’m someone else’s husband… Are you going to stop those stupid questions? Or we are planning to play a quizze show her, ok then now my turn… Did you ever feel I’m not true to you? Someone brings up some topic and you start questioning?
Ohh, I had no intentions of hurting you; I just thought I should use this chance I got to tease you!! Why are you angry…
And you have met Pinky… he again cut her sentence in between.
What… me… when? Pinky?
Preeto you remember she came here yesterday with mama mami.
Preeto Di... she is Pinky… ?
Yes!! Pinky is her pet name, but after marriage everyone has stopped calling her Pinky, he doesn’t like it seems, people calling her by name Pinky and she is older than me, so she had refused the proposal.
Older and you studied in same class, She was confused now.
When Did I say same class? Same school… We were together in same school, after she passed 10th she went for college to other city and then our communication had broken.
Ohh… so sad… A great love story had to break in middle of making history… Things could not happen… She remarked sarcastically… you feel sad about it?
No… Not at all, because if she would have accepted the proposal, I would have been in a great loss!!
What loss… ??
I would have missed you in my life… he said and he hugged her. In his arms she forgot everything… She softly replied to his hug, “I know you love me a lot!!!”, looking up to him in his eyes, she continued… “I can see that in those twinkling eyes…” to which he just smiled and kissed her forehead!
Promise me, you will not ask such questions again… you won’t doubt my love again... you won’t hurt me like this again… he has a series of questions.
I never doubted you dear, I was just teasing you, but I can’t promise I will never do it again... now whenever I will see Preeto di... she paused releasing herself from his arms, she continued these questions are going to come in my mind!! she grinned and ran to the other side of bed.
After running for a while behind her, he was able to get hold of her, both gasping for breath “Shhh… don’t forget Ma and Papa are also there in the house…” she laid her head on his shoulder and after their breath regained normal speed she took his hand and said, you know I was very hurt when you said you were ready to marry Preeto….
I don’t know why… may be the realization that I was not your first choice was hurting me…
It is the main drawback of arrange marriage you know, he said pressing her hand, You have to reject so many before selecting the one… But… Hmm… Madam… Mera man ek kora kagaj tha… jispe bhagwan ne tumhara naam likha hai.. (My heart was a blank paper on which God has written ur name) and now it is no way going get erased…
She was content with his answer, no questions left in her mind!! But he had something store for her… He pulled an envelope from the pillow and handed it to her, she looked at it surprised with perplexed eyes, as she opened it, two tickets to Singapore popped out of it…
Wow!!! She exclaimed as she had never imagined she would be there even in her dreams…
She questioned him what is all this… ??
This is my treat for you for your today’s accomplishment... for treating and caring for my family like yours!! I hope you like my treat. The trip is in next month as this month is a bit hectic and me getting leave is not possible.
She had never expected something like this would be in store for her, she was overwhelmed, It was very big thing for her, tears started flowing and she could not speak a word, she was full of emotions.
She just cuddled into his arms and made herself comfortable, though the day was hectic, she was not feeling sleepy, and she had so much to share with him, ask him and so much to create memories to cherish them throughout their life about these couple of days which had brought with them bundle of joyous memories.
Chatting, thinking, knowing more about each other, planning for the Singapore trip, somewhere they went to sleep. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Budding Love #6.2

Next day she woke up early morning, though he had communicated the news last night itself, they both were tired to go out and do shopping. She got ready by 4:30 AM, then did her daily pooja and was free by 5:30, she started deciding the menu for the coming days and preparing list of items that will be needed, She went and brought extra milk, It was around 6:00 Am when she heard a car drive outside, she peeped out of the window, There were 4 standing outside, as she had guessed they had arrived, she went running and woke him then came back running to welcome them, she greeted everyone and took some of the luggage and guided them in the house. Everyone looked very tired; she served them with water while he came to greet them. He was still sleepy; when he saw them in front he was bolted down and was shaken by the realization… Ohh my God he thought to himself… they are already here, I will need to go and fetch extra milk while they get fresh… as he was struggling to think what else… she came and handed him a piece of paper and went in the kitchen, he followed her and whispered, I will get milk by the time they get ready, she told him not to worry and she already has brought it.
You just get ready and get the things in the list, by the time you get ready and chat with them it will be 8, I need the items by 9 ok?
Yes ok…  so you have decided the menu..
yes!! She said…  their conversation was broken as her MIL intruded in the kitchen.  He left signaling her he will get it on time.
Everyone got busy, She prepared tea for all and served it with some biscuits.
After taking the fist sip everyone was appreciating the tea, saying it was refreshing and very good, tasty. She was happy to hear that, it boosted her confidence a bit and helped to cope with the nervousness she was facing. Everyone asked her to sit and chat with them, it was the first time after their marriage they were visiting them so all wanted to know the new daughter in law… she talked politely with everyone and answered all their questions, enquired about other family members, trying hard to recollect details about everyone. After a while she took all the cups and plates, she had to wash them herself, as she could not keep them for the maid, she started cleaning them and mentally started taking note of next task she had to do. Time was flying it was 8:30, she prepared snacks and then was worried whether she will get the vegetables and all in time, Just then he entered, he handed all the bags to her, while everyone was upstairs getting ready, she started segregating all the vegetables, he helped her arrange them in the freeze, while she started preparing, He took the carrot and cucumber and started cutting the salad, she stopped him, but he said, “you are doing your duty, let me do mine… ok… ” and without waiting for her answer he started cutting the salad and vegetables, she prepared the dough and let it settle, slowly everything was getting ready and things were at right place. She was tensed; she hoped they will like food cooked by her. She wanted to tell him to tell her how the food was. She thought of telling it to him that while they had food, he should signal her if it was good or bad, while she was about tell him this idea his cousin entered and started teasing him for not letting his wife alone even in the kitchen and forcefully dragged him out with himself. Disappointed he had to retreat from kitchen, he was her moral support she was a bit nervous but she felt happy that most of the things were done. Soon it was time for lunch.
Everyone settled down at table, the men were supposed to have lunch first, so there he was sitting with all elderly uncles, She kept staring at him to signal him, she wanted to know how the food was from him, but he was so busy entertaining others that he never bothered to look at her, once in a while when he looked it was to tell her to serve curry or rice, she was still confused, no one said a word about food, was it that bad, she thought to herself, she was worried now, tension prevailing, she didn’t want to let him down. As they were about to finish and leave the table, her Father-In-Law came to her and said, “Bahu, I ate 1 roti extra today, I loved the food. If I stay with you here, soon I will put on weight.” and he laughed, those words felt so soothing, she was now at peace, as everyone settled down in the hall, she heard their conversation, they were talking about the food, and everyone seemed to be happy. Just then stealing everyone’s eyes he entered the kitchen just to tell her the food was wonderful, he helped her clean the dinning for the ladies, she insisted him to leave that job to her but he was not ready to listen to her, soon the table was set for ladies, and now was the true test, you know how it is… one lady will never praise the other and so she had already set her mind. She just hoped she doesn’t get a bad comment. He waited there in the kitchen itself, when one of his aunt commented, “You can go dear, she is there to take care of our needs…”, he replied wittily to her comment, “She is there but I want to serve my aunt you see, so I’m waiting here… ” and he grinned.
As expected his nagging aunty started praising how her daughter in law prepare nice delicious food, though no one paid heed, it was usual for all, they started and at the first bite everyone started praising food for being very delicious and they loved the food cooked by her. She felt relaxed. After everyone had their lunch, all gathered in the hall and were watching TV. He was in their room upstairs, he called her and as she came in he closed the door, she was taken aback by his behavior, she went to open the door, he pulled her towards him by her hand and made her sit in the chair, he went to the table and as he unveiled the plate, she was surprised, “What is this? Who brought this here?”
He just signaled her to keep mum and fed her, “I knew you will not have food.”
“But I’m not hungry… ”
“Since morning you are running behind everyone… and these kids… they say, Kids are God sent, but these Kids… they are equal to devil… haven’t I seen how much you had to take trouble to feed them.”
“… It’s all right I’m seriously not hungry….”
“See, this is not a matter of today, you need to have energy for a couple of days, I don’t want to see you sick… so please don’t argue”
She ate a little, but she was not feeling hungry, may be after seeing satisfied faces of everyone after lunch her heart was content. Still for him, she ate.
Soon it was snacks time, she felt as if for the whole day she was in kitchen, as the snacks time was over it was time for dinner. Whole day she was in the kitchen. But she never showed signs of tiredness on her face; she did everything happily for them.
By the time it was time to sleep she was completely exhausted. She went tired in her room, he was reading a book, though it was late, they spent some time in chatting about their first experience with guests!! She was very worn-out, after a while her eyes started getting heavy and she closed them and listened to him, she didn’t realize when she went to sleep, when he realized he was talking to himself, he smiled at himself, placing the blanket properly, he kissed her eyes and went to sleep.
Next day she got up and followed the same routine she had done last day, today she was relieved from the pooja job, her MIL did that for her, some of her In laws left after lunch while others left after dinner, they were now left with her Mother and Father In Law, who they supposed will be staying for a few more days.
After dinner all four sat for a small chat with their cup of Ice-Creams, while they told her about his childhood memories and his mischief’s’, she was stealing glances to tease him and question him how naughty he was. Soon it was bed time; when finally they got time to be together, she was getting away with her earring when a devilish thought entered her mind…

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Budding Love #6.1

She was new in the cooking business. He had patience to give her the learning time. He ate whatever she cooked with no signs of repent. She would ask him every time how is it. He would answer her politely every time; encourage her to do better every time. She would be happy to listen to his comments and would work on them. He was sincere in giving her comments; they both were trying to make a good couple, he by encouraging her to expertise in her cooking skills and she by putting all her heart to reach the goal.
That day, he had a bad day, lot of work and to top that misunderstandings in the team, blame game being played. Handling people is the toughest job, you cannot take sides, especially if you befriend with both sides, and if you do, you are sure you are going to lose one friend… So tired and mentally disturbed he reached home. She chirpily greeted him, took his laptop bag from him and made him comfortable, after a small chat she asked him freshen up, while she served the dinner. He tried to keep all office worries and show enthusiasm to her, but the things kept coming back of his mind…
They settled to have dinner, she was very excited, she had tried a new dish and wanted to know his comments, she kept nudging him. He responded that it was good, it tasted nice.  She was happy. After a while she again enquired him about another dish…. He lost his control and in anger he shouted at her,
You didn’t taste it? Why do you need me to comment every time? You don’t have taste sense, why you need me to guide you every time?
She was in tears, she left the dinner table and went in her room crying, after a while he realized his mistake, he shouted at her for no reason, it was no where her fault. He too could not eat. He went to her. She was sitting leaning to the wall, head buried on her knees, sobbing. He sat there watching her; he had no clue what he should say, how he should say? He just hoped he didn’t hurt her again. After sitting there for some time, he just moved his hand over her head, she looked at him and he said sorry. She again continued crying, “Look, I really didn’t mean what I said, I was tensed and thinking about something else and you interrupted my thoughts, I just could not handle it, it’s all my fault, please forgive me.” She looked up again at him. Both were silent. She slide towards him and kept her head on his shoulder. Promise me you won’t do this again to me.
“I promise… ”,he moved his hand through her hair and then wiping her tears he took her face in cup of his hands and said, “The curry was delicious”
Really?? She questioned with happiness reflecting from her eyes. He just nodded and continued, “I could eat the complete bowl myself.. but…”
But what?
You came in here, so I also could not eat… so my wish remains incomplete….
Hmmm she smiled to herself knowing his tricks to lead her back to dining table. Without saying anything she got up and went to sit at her chair… They had dinner in peace and as a reward for cooking delicious curry she was later treated with an ice-cream.
Then her cooking guru never again got angry with her, she would welcome his feedbacks and appreciations and strive to do better every time, not only to be a good cook but after every delicious dish that she cooked, she was treated with a special treat. No this time it’s not an Ice – Cream treat!! It’s a special treat... ;)
She was now accustomed to cooking, not well but she had got a hang of how things work in kitchen. She was still in learning phase but had built a confidence. He came back home very tensed the other day. Looking at his face she got very nervous. She knew something was wrong. He was desperately surfing channels, switching from one to other. She came and sat near him. Holding his hand in hers she softly questioned, “What happened? Something wrong?”
He switched off the TV, he knew they had to face this and that too boldly. Umm… actually Ma had called me today, and.. ahh she said that she…. He took desperate pauses making her worry what the matter was.
“she said what? Ohh tell me… I’m all ears”
“ya I’m.. they are coming to stay with us for a couple of days. ”
“Ohh really.. wow, that’s so good… so why are you tensed?” She said chirpily.
“Dear, do you get the meaning of this... you will have to cook for them - all meals…. ” he stretched his words, trying to make her understand the severity of the problem.
“Them means who all are coming”
“Ma said she will be here with dad and a few relatives. Around 10-15 people”
“hmm so… why are you worrying… I will handle everything”
“you sure?”
“Yes dear, you don’t worry”
“I’m not worried about you won’t be able to handle so many at a time, I’m worried about my nagging aunty… whatever you do, you know she keeps nagging, she is never satisfied… whole time she will brag about her family, her sons, her Daughter In laws cooking ability and all and… ”
“You are worried, I may commit some mistake and let you down right?” she interrupted him in between. He shook his head in disagreement and said,  “No… not that dear, letting me down and you.. never.. I will never feel something like that for anything you do for me… but I don’t want to hurt you, their comments might hurt you.. you promise me, you will not take her harsh comments seriously… ”
“hmm I won’t and I promise that.” She said lifting his face by his chin “now can we have dinner?”
He smiled and they started towards the dinner table.
“So at what time they will be coming?” she asked as she served him.
“They will reach early morning… you will have to look after their snacks, tea, coffee and their kids requirements also…  ”
“Don’t worry Honey I will handle this.. but hmm… after I successfully handle this… I want a big treat” she said with naughtiness reflecting in her eyes.
“Big? Umm how big and what?”He questioned back trying to imitate her.
What…hmm, you... let that be suspense… it depends on how happy you will be after this task of mine is accomplished…. And for now you have to promise me you will fulfill my wish…
Ok.. done!!
They went to sleep, After getting assurance from her, he slept in peace. While she still was thinking. She had firmly shown confidence to him but she at her heart was knowing she was not ready for this, her tension prevailed, The next day was bringing with it the testing phase, yes, girls not only have to handle testers in office who test their code and patience, but also at home, who test her umm.. ?? her ability of being a good wife, or at least if she is a able person… as if cooking is the only thing left in the world…. She was lost in her thinking, he shifted sides and was now facing her, she kept looking at him, his face was lit in the dim light of the night lamp and happiness was still glowing on his face. She kissed his cheek and tried to gather some sleep, after all next couple of days were going to be hectic. She thanked God it was a weekend, else managing office and home would have been tougher.
… To be continued.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Budding Love #5

She came back home from a hectic schedule feeling tired, still her tired eyes searched for him.  There was no sign of him. She went upstairs and started getting fresh, she felt so exhausted, wiping her face she fell on the bed.
She woke by the tingling sensations his caressing generated. With half open sleepy eyes she looked at him, he was still in his formals meaning he had just arrived…
Ohh I’m sorry I don’t know when I fell asleep, she tried getting up putting her hair into a bun.
You didn’t tell me you are not feeling well? You should have called me; I would have come early from office.
Huh?? No I’m fine… just feeling tired and exhausted because of the over packed schedule, so might be because of that I slept…  after that power nap I’m feeling good. You get fresh I will prepare dinner by that time. She got up to get started but he insisted her to take rest.
You have fever, don’t do anything now, you take some rest. I will get fresh and just be back. He said folding his sleeves to elbows.
Shhhhhh… he scolded her and did not allow her to do anything. She kept watching him going in and out of the room and once in a while at the thermometer that he placed in her mouth, finally after a while he came to her and sat there near her bedside, “In few min we will be ready to have dinner”. He checked the thermometer and exclaimed… “Look… I was right and now you are going to take rest”.  He went in to get fresh…
What? But, how? What did you do…
Don’t worry nothing much I have just prepared Dal and rice.
Ummm… she kept mum… they had dinner in peace and slept.
Next day she was not able to get up, she was feeling week, she had a bad stomach ache which had taken over her.  She could not get up and sit, she wondered how she will work in office, She decided to take a leave and be at home. He was already away, meaning he was getting ready for office. She went back to sleep. After some time he came to her with cup of tea.
“you are still here?”
Off course, dear, you are not well and how can I not be here? Where else would I go?
And office?
Bunk…  for you!!! And he widened his eyes.
No… I’m fine you go to office.  She argued but in vain. She knew he won’t listen.
Whole day he sat beside her, caring. They went to doctor in evening as she did not recover. She asked him to order something but he insisted he would prepare himself. Since doc had advised not to each heavy food, to keep it light, he prepared khichadi for her.
He took some in a plate and topped it with ghee, the aroma was very tempting as he entered the room, she started complaining, I trouble you a lot na… you have to cook because of me… but I said you can order something from hotel…
See… you are already having stomach infection and in this condition eating food from hotel is not advised, he grinned as he fed her.
As she chewed she started crying!!  He panicked, what happened? He went besides and wiped her tears…
Controlling her sobs she started explaining, I feel like I’m a baby, I will eat myself…. Im very bad, you care for me so much and I’m lying here sick… I always trouble you!!
No dear it’s not like that, I love doing this for you, after all I get this chance once in a while, all throughout the year it’s you who keeps caring for me, making note of my every little need, understanding me, and if I would have been sick you won’t have cared for me? let me do it for you dear, you just take rest…
But…  she knew she cannot win
Before she could argue on anything more he stuffed her mouth with another spoon of khichadi.
Hmmm nice idea to keep her mouth shut he thought to himself.
After 2 days she felt good. She got ready and went to the kitchen…
Ohhh my god… she was about to blast… was this the kitchen she left, the empty glucose packet lying at a side, covered with ants, the gas had spilled water, The kitchen platform had salt, spices spread over making nice design… the sight was horrible.
She felt like shouting and calling his name aloud… and him explanation to what he has done, but her heart stopped her… it asked her to think for a while, why is all this here, from 3 days he was in charge of the kitchen, he cooked food for you, the one who hated to come to kitchen even to take a sip of water. He prepared glucose for you, cooked food for you; what if he didn’t spend time cleaning the mess that was created here. She recollected all the moments of care that he spent with her, how he would rush with glucose water when she would get hiccups, hmmm she smiled at herself, he had to boil water as she was suffering from stomach infection which tasted yuck, to provide sweetness and some energy he would add glucose powder to it… the memory made all her anger fade away in a sec and she started cleaning the kitchen, keeping all things to their defined places agreeing to her heart she said to herself… he loves me so much… and was lost in the pampering she had received for these 3 days, when he came by her side and asked her how she was feeling.
You can take rest for today.
No I’m fine, feeling good now. You get ready I will prepare breakfast.
Sure?? She nodded affirmatively, Umm ok… he kissed her forehead and left. While she prepared breakfast she heard him calling…
“Where are my socks… ” and that brought a smile on her face, and she headed upstairs.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Budding Love #4

She loves speed and he loves her.
The only aim in his life is to keep her happy come what may... .. .
But he dislikes driving so... speed is out of question!!
He took his bike for a ride after x num of years just to make their meetings after their engagements easy for her. So she doesn’t have to travel in that overcrowded bus where people keep hanging from every single point they get to hang. After a few meetings he learnt she likes to ride speeding bikes…
So it happened one day… he asked her for a long drive... she loved long drives and readily agreed. After a while when they touched the highway he increased the speed… she was loving it, wind blowing on the face, hushing in her ears, cannot see anything in front just have to feel!! Wow… she exclaimed and hugged him. But suddenly the pleasure turned into fear… he was driving crazy…. The speedometer showed max speed… she was scared now….
Slow down. This is scaring me. She cried in horror… he was not able to hear her because of the speeding wind… she repeated herself 3-4 times… then he responded…
Scaring you?? Are you all right… isn’t this fun. You love this… he just winked at her.
No I don’t, it’s not fun. Please, slow down…. it's too scary!
He thought for a while, this was a good time for revenge he thought to keep her scared for some more while, he rode the bike in zig zag manner…
Stop it.. you are scaring me..!! she shouted…
Then tell me, do u love me?? He asked decreasing the speed a little…
Off course I do.. why on earth would I come on a death ride with you otherwise…
Will you love you for whole life?
Yes my dear… and I want to spend whole of my life besides you.. but not in hospital… dear please slow down…
Ok I will but if I get a hug and a sweet kiss…
What..?? are you crazy… slow down first… then u will get whatever you ask for….
No.. My kiss first…
OMG… please… slow down… but he won’t listen to anything, no argument was reaching his ears… ok…. scared to death she kissed him.
And my hug??
I’m already holding you this tight.. can’t you feel it please… for God’s sake slow down…
She was tired pleading.. finally she gave up… ok… fine…!! If you love me… please slow down….
That condition ringed as a warning bell in his ears… and he applied sudden brakes… there was oil spilled on the highway to top it the sudden brakes… and the bike skid…
They were dragged for at least a Km… They dashed against a nearby milestone…..
He was bleeding… her leg was trapped under the bike… he somehow gathered himself and pulled the bike to one side…. He panicked seeing her condition… his mischief had hurt his love…. His heart cried … he gave her support and made her stand… She was crying in pain…. His forgot his pain when he saw her in pain in tears.
Finally they boarded an auto from a nearby point. He took his handkerchief and tied it to her bleeding leg…. Her scarf was already helping his body help control the blood loss….
There was silence for some time… the accident was flashing in front of their eyes…
I’m sorry.. he said after a while… she didn’t reply….
I just wanted to make you smile… wanted to please you. I only wanted to see you happy he pleaded.
She was not in a mood to enter in any argument nor did she want to blame him for anything that happened…. I know she said…
I’m really sorry…. Will never speed up in my life again…
Thank God there were no vehicles there… anyways… it’s ok…dear… these are minor injuries….
But you said you like riding speeding bikes… I just wanted to do things you love doing….
Yes I do… but only to a limit that can be controlled…. Anyways forget it… she said laying her head on his shoulder as her leg got dressed in the hospital.
Next day…
What are you doing??
Can’t you see I’m Driving….
Even bicycles are going ahead of us… Why are we riding a bike if we have to go at this speed?
Because I can’t see tear in your eyes….
Stop… I said stop the bike…
What happened??
Get down…
Why?? I want to ride the bike…
No way!!! … he exclaimed…
She was angry for his arrogance…. Tried to be angry with him… but then…
In that speed, the mild breeze that was flowing was teasing her… slowly she started enjoying it… without he asking for a hug... she hugged him and even kissed him …..
He was taken aback by that un-demanded pleasure he received…
In the mirror he gazed at her and questioned her….
Because…. This feels more romantic and I’m loving this…. SP…EE…D….
He gave a light push to her with his shoulder and they enjoyed their ride… at his SP…EED

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Budding Love # 3

He returned home a bit late after a tiring day.  As he opened the main door, he saw the lights were off. He was puzzled… Seems she hasn’t yet come he thought to himself…. But she daily comes before him? He kept questioning himself and tried to provide satisfactory answers but he could not so he thought he would call her. As his fingers reached to call her he thought let me get fresh first then I will call her. She will feel nice to hear me fresh, that will make her too feel fresh. She might also have had a tiring day. As he switched on the room lights he felt a note on the switch, yes there was sticky note on the switch he took it closer and read,
“Hello dear…  had a tiring day.. ?? get fresh soon… will catch u soon…. Love u!! ”
 that note brought smile on his face. As he folded the note and reached his cupboard to get his night dress , He found another sticky note on the cupboard which read
“Your night dress is kept…  ” ahh I know where my night dress is… he said to himself getting a bit irritated by her instructions… and he opened the cupboard, he searched the cupboard but could not find the dress… finally he opened the second note and continued… in the second section, right hand side…
Ok he thought to himself.. he took the night dress and went inside the bath to get fresh. As he came out wiping his face with napkin his hand felt some paper, he took a closer look and there he found another sticky note hanging to the towel… 
“Now that you are fresh dear…. Let me tell you I’m going with Anju nearby, will be back soon.. till then TC and did u miss me?”
Ha ha… with all these notes around u think I’m going to miss you?  He cleared her doubt and started going downstairs. Thinking he can watch his favorite football as she is not at home and today was the so much long awaited match… excitedly he went down and switched on the TV…  switched channel to his fav sports channel…
“I know… you feeling so nice to have this thing in your hand…  not for long… Till then u can enjoy your match”
Ahhh… he was getting nervous… how can she know everything about me beforehand. Without bothering to get an answer to his question he watched the match, but it felt so boring… I love to watch this match only when she fights with me to get back the remote and to change the channel…. He was bored and thought of calling her….
He dialed her number after a few sec he could hear it ringing… he was puzzled… the sound was coming from   the house itself…. He went in the direction of the ring only to find the mobile lying on the side table put on charging… he picked it up and again found a sticky note on it…
“I told na.. I’m going nearby… This was drained completely so thought would keep it at home will be back home till 9.  u seem to be missing me huh? By that time you can have a cup of coffee… ”
Ohhh… he was damn irritated by now…  he was not liking it that she was knowing him so well that even in her absence she took great care of his.  Coffee… no way.. I’m not going to make coffee.. he thought to himself and then again he sat to watch the match…
Suddenly he thought why not give her a surprise? She will be coming home till 9, I still have ½ hr in my hand…
He went in the kitchen happy with his idea.. umm… I will cook pulav for both of us he thought  scanning the freeze and took out the vegetables. She will be so happy that I saved her time and then after she comes we can both have it in Candle light…
Wow!! He exclaimed extremely happy with his brain… he chopped the vegetables and washed rice…  neatly he completed his task… the cooker was set and he had to just wait for 4 whistles.. and his Shahi dish was going to be ready to serve…
1 whistle.. then the 2nd .. and the third 3rd ...4th… and turned off the burner… now.. wait for some time… wait… hmm…  he prepared for other things before opening the cooker lid.. he went upstairs and he arranged everything nicely…  on the open terrace he brought a table and arranged chair, plates, jug, glasses, candles were set to lit. Everything was set… Now he only waited for the doorbell to ring….
He went downstairs and sat there on sofa watching his football match… all excited. Soon he heard the bell ring… he went and opened the door quickly…
She came in..
Looks like you are tired.
Ye s a bit.. this Anju took me to so many places and I had to return back walking; had not taken my purse. So feeling a bit tired she said sitting on the sofa… She glanced at the kitchen… after a while she went to prepare for dinner….  She called him from inside you didn’t prepare coffee??
How the hell she knows that? He thought to himself…
No.. was not feeling like having Coffee he shouted back…
He went in the kitchen and asked her… but how do you know that
She removed the sticky note from the coffee bottle and handed it to him…. And they both laughed for it He read it…
“ohh my my… so you are going to make coffee?? Hmm so let me tell you how to do that.. but I had never thought you will make it…u lazy fellow… “
She prepared coffee for herself and gave a cup to him… he resisted but he knew she knew him so well…. After having coffee, he was getting impatient…  finally he asked her to get fresh and then they would have dinner…
I will get fresh later let me first cook something.. she said putting her hair into bun.
No… first go and get fresh… .He insisted and she had to agree…
Seeing his plan work.. he took the coke bottle with him and as she came out of the bath she saw him standing there with a big grin on his face…
What happened??  Her eyes questioned…..  what are u hiding there at the back…
He came closer and blindfolded her with the scarf in his hand. What are you doing…
Shhhh… now just follow me… he guided her to the terrace… Lit the candles there while she questioned him 100 times what was he upto… suspicious about his intentions….
Honey.. I need to cook food.. tomorrow we have office…  she explained…
I know he said as he came closer to her to untie the scarf… He took a last look to check if anything missing… and finally he untied her..
Tadaaaaaaa…. He exclaimed her as she opened her eyes…
Wow!!! You did this!! She could not believe her eyes…. How.. why?? OMG.. u cooked… she could not control her happiness… she was so happy…
Yes mam… you were guessing my each and every step so accurately that I thought I would give you a surprise and tell you.. There are still many things you need to explore in me.. otherwise you would start taking me for granted…  they both giggled as they settled down for dinner.
They had their long awaited candle light dinner in peace!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Budding Love # 2

She hates change… she is afraid to try new things!!
He likes to experiment, He loves new things…
Scene 1:
Once they went to an ice cream parlor
As usual she ordered her favorite same old… “Butter scotch”
He ordered the same…
she got irritated…. “Why don’t you order what you like?” … she hates it when he imitates her…
“Because I like Butter scotch…” he answered plainly licking his butter scotch
“No You don’t like butter scotch…” she was reluctant to accept that.
“Ok… because I like YOU… ”
And that put an end to the argument… She was satisfied by that answer!!
——————- *************** ——————-
Scene 2:
They are again in ice cream parlor
“You order first…. You always order what I order….” She said…
“Ok… No problem… “,said he… “One butterscotch for me… and what will you have?”
“Butter scotch… ” She said chirpingly… In her heart knowing he ordered Butter scotch because he knew she will order Butter Scotch.
Without any fight today they both had their icecream… He unknowingly showed her how much he cared for her… and she knowingly accepted it.
——————- *************** ——————-
Scene 3:
Two butterscotch please…
“Ahhh no… today I don’t wanna have butter scotch….”
But Why? Itsn’t it your fav?
Umm yes it is… but I want to try CHOCOLATE FUDGE BROWNIE…
So how is it?? He asked her
It’s good… She answered him casually… she was missing her butter scotch…
Doesn’t look like it’s better than the same old butter scotch… ??? as he handed her the extra butter scotch cone that he had brought for her…
She looked at him with wide open eyes…. As if she found her bundle of joy. They both had THEIR ice cream looking into each other’s eyes, letting the silence do the talking part…
Love is: Knowing what the other person wants without being told by them.
“Isn’t sacrificing our small joys for the happiness of other LOVE?”
I love my eyes when your eyes look deep into them…
I love my nose when you rub your nose against it…
I love my lips when your lips kiss them..
I love my name when you call it…
I love my heart when your heart beats for it…
I love my life when your life is part of it forever…

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Budding Love #1

He loves her a lot. She too loves him with her whole heart. They are living a happy life with each other exploring each other every day.
So… what?? Is this a story?
Wait.. let me tell you it’s not a love marriage… they are in love after marriage. Sometimes I wonder how can people decide and then fall in love? Isn’t love a thing that just happens? You never know with whom will you fall in love and how? But when I see them I believe “Marriages are made in heaven.”
But their case is as ordinary as other 1000 cases. They married for the sake of their parents wish; They did things for each other for the sake of doing things because they were supposed to do things that way and not because they loved each other. She cooked food for him and his family, Took care of him and in return he behaved nicely, sweetly to her. Slowly he became addicted to her. Earlier he got up from the bed with the sound of the Alarm… but that day…
He woke up from his sleep, thinking its yet time to get up from the bed he again went to sleep, but could not sleep nor could he get up. He waited for her to come. He wanted to start the day hearing her voice, so he lie there awake staring at the ceiling, waiting for her. Casually he took his mobile and unlocked it… look at this.!! it is showing 8:30 Am. How is that possible? She comes and wakes me up at 7:30 Am? I’m going to be late for work today he thought to himself.
Hurriedly he got up and started getting ready, he brushed, had bath hastily thinking whole time about her, why didn’t she wake him. He came to his cupboard; he could not find any dress shortlisted for him for the day, what am I supposed to wear today? She will daily get him his office dress tie, hanky, socks and he never had any doubt about the color combinations she used, He would happily wear whatever was kept there for him. May be she got late to office today, so she didn’t get time. He got ready and went to the breakfast table. No breakfast?? No lunch? What is happening? He thought to himself. Giving the thought a back seat he drove hurriedly to office. After finishing with a couple of urgent meetings he came to his desk and sat there peacefully for some time, unconsciously he took his mobile and switched it on. No missed calls? She didn’t call me? Daily she will call me right when I’m at the office gate. He kept thinking about her. Should I call her? No why should I call her? She didn’t care to call me. He thought and started doing his work. Am I missing her? Yes you are!! said his inner voice to which he agreed. Why is she doing this to me? She knows that how addicted I am to her. Still she … controlling his emotions he tried to concentrate on his work. At lunch he ate something at the canteen and waited for the day to end. So that he could see her again, he could not wait for the suspense to end. He wanted to see her, feel her presence, talk to her. Finally the day ended. He went back home and searched her in every nook and corner but she was not at home.
Just then his cell beeped.. he took it out from his pocket and looked at it. She calling…
His joy knew no bounds. He took the call
How are you? Reached home?… came a sweet voice even before he could even say hello.
Yes just now came back.
I reached just now. Whole way there was no range so I could not call you. How was your day?
[Reached now? Where? He started thinking looking here and there around the house to find her. NO RANGE??]
Mom and dad are doing well. They are remembering you..
Ahhh .. hmmm.. tell my regards to them He said, recollecting that she has left last night to go to her parents home for the first time after their marriage for some festival. They are supposed to go… and have to go, else I would have never allowed her to go. [but Why? Asked his inner voice… ]
Did you miss me? His thought process was interrupted by her question.
What kind of question is it? Off course I did. I missed you with every passing sec today. I had never imagined someone will become such an integral part of me in such a short time, that too me not noticing it. How could this happen? I think I have fallen in love with you… your caring ways and kind words. I just couldn’t live without you today…I felt I was dying to see you, hear you every sec. when are you returning? I can’t wait dear; I want you to be back here soon.
Hearing that, she blushed and smiled to herself. Soon I will be there. I missed you too. I too had tough time but the sweet memories of our togetherness kept me alive. It is hard to say may be you may not agree to this but this is the fact even before I reached my parents house I was counting days left for my return. My heart wants to be with you all the time.
Interesting and pleasing at the same time… I think.. he said and paused.
There was silence for some time which felt like eternity to both.
I think I love you a lot!! He said with intimate voice and getting a bit serious.
For the first time these letters were being spoken between them. Her joy knew no boundaries. She was shy hearing that at the same time her heart was beating faster and faster. She pinched herself. She wanted to say those words to him. She stammered, wondered what was happening to her.
I understand what you are going through, you going away from me, though this was for a time being made me realize how much I love you. And I already know you love me too.
And that is how their love story began…
That is how they realized they loved each other…
That is how this new journey of togetherness began …
Separation strengthens true love…

Bitter Words - Word's Bite

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