Monday, June 4, 2018

Bitter Words - Word's Bite

"Hellooo" Pihu chuckled at a stranger entering our society lift with us.
For a second I felt so happy that she is socializing on her own and not shying to talk to strangers....
She was trying to know where he lives, which floor she should press for him...
I was happy to see her growing... Suddenly a fear started griping within me. The mother within me was telling me what she is doing is wrong. She should not talk to stranger… Talk… she should not even look at strangers… I was scared, I was scared as a woman, as a Mother. I was behaving strange, right? You might think so, but as a Man you will never realize what the news which flash these days does to a mother’s heart!!
What is happening to our society? The news I read daily they shake whole of me from within as a human, as a mother they scare me to the core.
A 92-year-old raped a 4 yr old... come on old man she is younger than your granddaughter probably, what animal arises in you men that you can't look at a kid's innocence? What wrong did she do to you? Did she wear provoking dress for you, did she talk or gave signals to you?
At 92 in today’s age you are already “Overtime” why add sins in the extra life you are getting. At 92 they say you are enlightened, you have seen life closely, people will look towards you to for advice...
A pregnant woman was gang raped in auto by co- travellers… What? Really? I just don’t have no words (bad words) for such Bas***ds.
 A man rapes a 6-month-old baby, 6-month-old, really? who is that man? He is the baby’s uncle; how can people even think of such acts forget committing them. That little baby can’t even say Mom/Dad/uncle… 6 months Ohh God!!
A father rapes his daughter for couple of years!!! What is happening man… Do you really care for any relation? A girl has special affection towards her father, she looks for values in other men the values her father has. What Value are you displaying, you Moron!!!
These are just a few instances to mention, everyday there are so many such cases.
We really need to think what we are teaching younger generation;
recently minor boys were held for gang raping 4 yr old. Do we want these values to be passed on to our next generation?
I have a question to the Men there, for you every female sums only to a hole?
What the hell man.... Today I cannot trust at any man, yes any man, any male!
I want my daughter to learn and live free, get everything she deserves, I want her to play and breathe free air…
I’m scared to send her to school, will she reach safe? Will God reside today in the bus driver? Will he see the innocence in the kids? No, I don’t know, I cannot trust him, let me drop my kid to school myself.
I’m scared and look at the watch every 2 min, is my kid safe in school? Will God reside today in the peon/Watchman/Male teacher? Will he see his daughter in my kid when she smiles at him? My heart beats just for the sake to keep me alive… “Ohh only if I could have taught her at home. Why do I need to have formal education?”
I’m scared to send my kid to play in garden, will she be safe? Will God reside today in every other uncle she trusts, every other grandpa she helps?
I’m scared to leave my kid alone even at home with any male relative, will she be safe? Will God reside in her uncle? Will he see her smile and give priority to her trust than to his animal instincts?
I cannot leave my child for min away from me, The minute I separate from her I start praying and I start suspecting every male species I see around.
I want my child to live a normal life… where she can play with human beings, smile at humans, laugh, with human beings and trust human beings but the most I want for her is her safety, her dignity, smile on her face.
I want my daughter to be in safe hands.
Today the society is divided in two parts Females and Animals?
Soon I think those days will be back when people(Male) will not allow their daughters, wives, mothers out of the house, females will be locked up in their houses, even female will prefer being illiterate, non- working, locked! Not because they are narrow minded but to be safe, to live a normal life, to smile… They will love being child bearer and housewives as that will be the safest job and mind you People(Male) will abort girl child not because they want boy, but because she will get raped!! She is not safe in this country! That’s the best option to save them from a rapist roaming like a wild animal hungry and ready to pawn on any female irrespective of her age, condition.
Following this situation soon our country will be Only Male Country!!
“Living with your daughter away from you is like living with your heart outside your body!!”

Thursday, February 1, 2018

He loves me!!

No need sir.... exclaimed the driver, adjusting his seat belt, as he buckled it he continued, "i need to put it as there will be police at the next signal"

Parag looked at him calmly and as he buckled his seat belt he casually remarked,"Brother, Its not that I dont trust your driving skills but I love the ladies seating backseat more!!" Completing his sentence he smiled at me and Garima.

I was stunned by his reply and thouhts started flowing thats so true... we can say our loved ones "I love you!!" Even through such small act of ours.

Why is it that we dont care for our safety?

Why we wear helmet, seat belt only to avoid fine!! These rules are to protect us... why we think we think we are harassed by these rules!!

Friends someone who loves you, for whom you are their world is waiting for you, please follow safety rules they are for our benifits, Drive Safe!!!

I feel everyone should starts thinking like Parag... Im so proud to have you in my life Parag!!

Thank you dear for putting safety before casual comfort.

Next time friends make your loved ones proud by following rules and showing ur love for them.

- Thank you in advance.

Monday, December 18, 2017

am I evolving?

An interesting question came to my mind today and want to share it.
Evolution : aree baba wait... im not going to take a hiatory class.😉
Did you ever notice yourself.. we are created so perfect... every minute detail is taken care, forget about the complex systems like nervous system, respiratory system etc... it was given deep thought even when GOD created nails for us, our hair protect us. Did you ever notice how God might have come up with the material of our skin? It doesn't get wet in water, it doesn't absorb water but it absorbs body lotion 😉. It's rough enough to handle this pollution and soft enough to feel the love... we can feel even the ant or a small insect on our skin.
What I want to say is...
We are perfect... NOW or we have evolved to become perfect. Is this the end?
Has HE stopped thinking? Why is there no change in us for so many years now... I mean even Ram in his human avatar was as we are now. Isn't he bored looking at same us?
So if God wants to add a new feature in us and create a next version of human what do you think he will modify in us? Will he give ability to be amphibian? Will he add skin in between our toes to make us swim like ducks? 😃
These are just my wild imaginations...
So can you think of some features which you think are essential and should get deployed as eternal part of us.
So friends scratch your creative grey cells and come up with some mind boggling features - lets call this list of features as our wishlist. May be some of the feature from this wishlist comes true??? God knows when may be in time x.x 😂. Where x could take value from 50-99😉. In your next janam you will take birth with those advance feature... offcourse u know na papiyo ko sare jivo ki yoni mein janam lena padta hai and all... human janam is not an easy affair!!! And the rate at which u are committing crimes... what to say 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy Bday !!

You turned 4 today... 
Its not just your birthday celebration but its also anniversary of my motherhood....
Im discovering a new me in myself each day... U have taught me so many things!! 
I love you more than I can express...

Today I just want to wish you soar up high in the sky.. achieve great heights, you develop your own wings to explore your own capabilities, challenge own limits and build your own world!

I want to prepare myself to answer all your innocent questions.
I want to prepare myself to give you everything that you deserve...

Wish you a Happy birthday my sweat heart!!

The word sweat heart has now gained its real meaning for me!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Memory Assortments for my Toddler #1

early, brushed your teeth, took bath. I was very happy. Being your first picnic even I was excited as well as a bit nervous. There were all weird scary thoughts coming in my mind, will you be all right? Will the teachers be able to look after all kids? I know every mother might be going through these thought and fears; There is a time when a mother must overcome all her fears and release her kid from her secure embrace and let them fly to explore; to grow. This was first time you would be going out without me around you. 

I’m not used to be at home on a Saturday and you not around. Believe me I had already started missing you the moment I dropped you in school.
You were back home after a while, to be precise four hours which felt like 4 decades to me. You were so excited to tell me about all the activities you did, how you enjoyed with your friends and your environmental observations. How you had sandwich with your friends. My nervousness had vanished since your trip was a success. You had learned to be without me in public, to listen to your teacher’s instruction, to help your friends.
After all the chatting and when you finished sharing your days experiences, it was the most difficult time, Lunch time!!
It is hard to make you eat food. I must come up with new ideas daily to achieve my target: to feed you! I took advantage of your excitement and chatting with you asking you various questions about your first picnic experience I started feeding you.
“So how did you all go to the garden?”
“We went by bus”, you Chuckled
“What did you eat with your friends?”
You were happily eating, forgotten actually that you were eating too.. :) 
I had exhausted my questions and that made you again go, “I’m full now. I don’t want to eat any more”
So I left you for a while, then after some time I called you and said, “Garima, can you please help me finish this rice?”
“umm.. no.. I’m full na..  ” u cribbed.
“Please dear, we will waste this rice otherwise. Please.. ”, I tried to persuade.
“umm.. ok.. but I will eat only one small part” you said warning me.
I was so happy… “ok, you may eat just a small part. Garima is so good she helps mamma finish the rice” I tried to encourage you for your decision.
My trick did work. You finished the rice, bringing a big smile of accomplishment on my face.
Soon you were tired and you slept, bringing silence to prevail again.
It’s a big task to feed you, no actually every task related to you is big. As you are learning, I’m too, to be a mother, to teach you difference between right and wrong, to treat you with patience, to handle your tantrums, to love you when you are at your naughtiest point, or when you are at your worst.
Living with you is like reliving my own childhood.   

Thank you sweet heart for giving me this chance to be your  Mom. 

With loads of love, 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I hurried.....
I was getting late.. We were getting late... actually my office is flexible but her school is not...
So we were getting late for her school.. When I reached, prayer was already done, her Pt class was going on...
I dropped her and hurriedly came back, a sight caught my attention... a small boy was crying as if he is beaten to hell... all tears flowing, node running.... doesn't want to attend school.... crying mumma... mumma.... the sight was painful but it brought a smile on my face...

ahh... you may call me cruel.. but wait let me explain...

He was crying as he doesn't want to attend school....
school.... that's the best thing that has ever happened to me... that's the best time of everyone's life...
I know you agree with me now... :)

We made the best friends in school... we had the best time in school
That was the time everyone of us wants to relive...
I'm sure all of us did cry... there were times when we hated going to school.... exams...
but today we all love those times...

I feel life is like that.... we should enjoy what is in our hands... rather than waiting to get what we expect. cause we always come to know worth of what we have after we loose it.

its such a coincidence that I'm writing this on Teachers Day!!!.... Wishing all my teachers Happy Teachers day!!

Coming back to the crying boy... I wanted to take a video of his and show that to him 25 years from now... yes it would take 25 years for him to realize that school time is the best time...

Love my school days... missing them.. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Magic of Meditation

Recently, I have been reading on Meditation, the reason being these days my mind is full of different thoughts, they are from different category,  and they all mix up and I think a lot
I know everybody experiences this at my age, there are so many things we need to take care of,
  • Utility bills like electricity, telephone, cylinder etc.
  • EMI payment on time
  • Office deadlines
  • Personal deadlines
  • Relation matters
  • Family matters
  • Friends matters
  • missleneous issues ( whats happening with govt, Indian cricket team, politics, current affairs etc. )
So many things... the mind is always working, even when we sleep its dreaming...
so I thought how can we help it to relax.
I'm a strong believer of this.. and I have experienced this too, Meditation is the way to relax your mind, to separate unwanted clutter from creative thoughts, self improving thoughts..
so I wanted to share few things I studied today, may be its not new to you,. but there might be few like me to whom it is new and useful.

What is alpha meditation?

The cells in the brain or neurons use electricity to communicate with each other. This can be measured and are called brainwaves and measured in Hertz units.
There are 5 main frequencies of brain waves that can be identified:
  •  Gamma
  •  Beta
  •  Alpha
  •  Theta
  •  Delta
Each frequency of brainwave can be connected to a specific state of consciousness. When we are examining meditation, Alpha and Theta brainwaves are the most prevalent and important.
Alpha waves are what we experience when we are daydreaming or in a very relaxed state.
They are seen as the bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind and can lead to deeper levels of health, happiness, creativity and success.
This is where we find inspiration supplied by our sub consciousness, where our creativity and sudden insights comes from. Meditation and Alpha brainwaves can be used to unlock solutions for issues that you will not find in your conscious state.

How to do Alpha Meditation... in next article. 
I'm learning this too... we will learn together.. :)

Bitter Words - Word's Bite

"Hellooo" Pihu chuckled at a stranger entering our society lift with us. For a second I felt so happy that she is socializing...