Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Budding Love #6.2

Next day she woke up early morning, though he had communicated the news last night itself, they both were tired to go out and do shopping. She got ready by 4:30 AM, then did her daily pooja and was free by 5:30, she started deciding the menu for the coming days and preparing list of items that will be needed, She went and brought extra milk, It was around 6:00 Am when she heard a car drive outside, she peeped out of the window, There were 4 standing outside, as she had guessed they had arrived, she went running and woke him then came back running to welcome them, she greeted everyone and took some of the luggage and guided them in the house. Everyone looked very tired; she served them with water while he came to greet them. He was still sleepy; when he saw them in front he was bolted down and was shaken by the realization… Ohh my God he thought to himself… they are already here, I will need to go and fetch extra milk while they get fresh… as he was struggling to think what else… she came and handed him a piece of paper and went in the kitchen, he followed her and whispered, I will get milk by the time they get ready, she told him not to worry and she already has brought it.
You just get ready and get the things in the list, by the time you get ready and chat with them it will be 8, I need the items by 9 ok?
Yes ok…  so you have decided the menu..
yes!! She said…  their conversation was broken as her MIL intruded in the kitchen.  He left signaling her he will get it on time.
Everyone got busy, She prepared tea for all and served it with some biscuits.
After taking the fist sip everyone was appreciating the tea, saying it was refreshing and very good, tasty. She was happy to hear that, it boosted her confidence a bit and helped to cope with the nervousness she was facing. Everyone asked her to sit and chat with them, it was the first time after their marriage they were visiting them so all wanted to know the new daughter in law… she talked politely with everyone and answered all their questions, enquired about other family members, trying hard to recollect details about everyone. After a while she took all the cups and plates, she had to wash them herself, as she could not keep them for the maid, she started cleaning them and mentally started taking note of next task she had to do. Time was flying it was 8:30, she prepared snacks and then was worried whether she will get the vegetables and all in time, Just then he entered, he handed all the bags to her, while everyone was upstairs getting ready, she started segregating all the vegetables, he helped her arrange them in the freeze, while she started preparing, He took the carrot and cucumber and started cutting the salad, she stopped him, but he said, “you are doing your duty, let me do mine… ok… ” and without waiting for her answer he started cutting the salad and vegetables, she prepared the dough and let it settle, slowly everything was getting ready and things were at right place. She was tensed; she hoped they will like food cooked by her. She wanted to tell him to tell her how the food was. She thought of telling it to him that while they had food, he should signal her if it was good or bad, while she was about tell him this idea his cousin entered and started teasing him for not letting his wife alone even in the kitchen and forcefully dragged him out with himself. Disappointed he had to retreat from kitchen, he was her moral support she was a bit nervous but she felt happy that most of the things were done. Soon it was time for lunch.
Everyone settled down at table, the men were supposed to have lunch first, so there he was sitting with all elderly uncles, She kept staring at him to signal him, she wanted to know how the food was from him, but he was so busy entertaining others that he never bothered to look at her, once in a while when he looked it was to tell her to serve curry or rice, she was still confused, no one said a word about food, was it that bad, she thought to herself, she was worried now, tension prevailing, she didn’t want to let him down. As they were about to finish and leave the table, her Father-In-Law came to her and said, “Bahu, I ate 1 roti extra today, I loved the food. If I stay with you here, soon I will put on weight.” and he laughed, those words felt so soothing, she was now at peace, as everyone settled down in the hall, she heard their conversation, they were talking about the food, and everyone seemed to be happy. Just then stealing everyone’s eyes he entered the kitchen just to tell her the food was wonderful, he helped her clean the dinning for the ladies, she insisted him to leave that job to her but he was not ready to listen to her, soon the table was set for ladies, and now was the true test, you know how it is… one lady will never praise the other and so she had already set her mind. She just hoped she doesn’t get a bad comment. He waited there in the kitchen itself, when one of his aunt commented, “You can go dear, she is there to take care of our needs…”, he replied wittily to her comment, “She is there but I want to serve my aunt you see, so I’m waiting here… ” and he grinned.
As expected his nagging aunty started praising how her daughter in law prepare nice delicious food, though no one paid heed, it was usual for all, they started and at the first bite everyone started praising food for being very delicious and they loved the food cooked by her. She felt relaxed. After everyone had their lunch, all gathered in the hall and were watching TV. He was in their room upstairs, he called her and as she came in he closed the door, she was taken aback by his behavior, she went to open the door, he pulled her towards him by her hand and made her sit in the chair, he went to the table and as he unveiled the plate, she was surprised, “What is this? Who brought this here?”
He just signaled her to keep mum and fed her, “I knew you will not have food.”
“But I’m not hungry… ”
“Since morning you are running behind everyone… and these kids… they say, Kids are God sent, but these Kids… they are equal to devil… haven’t I seen how much you had to take trouble to feed them.”
“… It’s all right I’m seriously not hungry….”
“See, this is not a matter of today, you need to have energy for a couple of days, I don’t want to see you sick… so please don’t argue”
She ate a little, but she was not feeling hungry, may be after seeing satisfied faces of everyone after lunch her heart was content. Still for him, she ate.
Soon it was snacks time, she felt as if for the whole day she was in kitchen, as the snacks time was over it was time for dinner. Whole day she was in the kitchen. But she never showed signs of tiredness on her face; she did everything happily for them.
By the time it was time to sleep she was completely exhausted. She went tired in her room, he was reading a book, though it was late, they spent some time in chatting about their first experience with guests!! She was very worn-out, after a while her eyes started getting heavy and she closed them and listened to him, she didn’t realize when she went to sleep, when he realized he was talking to himself, he smiled at himself, placing the blanket properly, he kissed her eyes and went to sleep.
Next day she got up and followed the same routine she had done last day, today she was relieved from the pooja job, her MIL did that for her, some of her In laws left after lunch while others left after dinner, they were now left with her Mother and Father In Law, who they supposed will be staying for a few more days.
After dinner all four sat for a small chat with their cup of Ice-Creams, while they told her about his childhood memories and his mischief’s’, she was stealing glances to tease him and question him how naughty he was. Soon it was bed time; when finally they got time to be together, she was getting away with her earring when a devilish thought entered her mind…

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