Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hamari Kahani...

There was a dialogue in Hum Tum if you dont recollect let me refresh..
It says like "hamari kahani.. jaise se hum naye logo se milte hai hamari kahani unki kahani se jodti rehti hai... "

Even God doesnt have enoufh incidents to make unique things happen in every individuals life... so stories are combined... like someone will have a story that his bank will go bankcrupt... so will every customer of that bank.. soneone might have in his fate that will meet with accident while travelling in bus.. so will every other passenger... Tsunami will affect so many lifes and get included as an expirence in the ones affected and the people who know the affected...

So you see our story is never a very unique story... it always has something common with someone or the other... !!! We think God is giving us pain.. only you are teh sufferer...
And by that I mean.. even your love story will never be unique!!! ;)
Now u say... why?? ahh??

Ok... let me tell you why.. because you share your love story with the one you love.. !! :) Right... so there is nothing liek unique that is happening in your life.. !!

Ya.. Im coming to point... so I was just thinking... even god implements the principal of  Reuse !! :) 

This is just outcome of my frustrated mind... nothing fruitful to think.. ! ! :) 

And how does this happen.. how is this decided that who all will suffer??
I think the stars play a very vital role in this... Stars are the s/w created by god which runs on the program god craeted... in every individual story...
God writes our life story as a test case...
-- He will get a good job... when saturn is in this...
-- He will fall sick... when xxx isin yy
-- He will suffer recession...

Then gods s/w picks up all teh conditions given in the life story and then calculates the start positions when those things will happen in actaula n are suppose to happen in our life and accordingly... calculate our date of birth.. and so we are sent on earth to execute His program... (Live teh program... )??? :|

let me give eg:
In Mr X life he is to suffer a recession at age of 40...
In Mr Y life he is to suffer recession at age of 25...

The starts will have a plan to bring recession in year 2050
so in 2050 Mr x needs to be 40 and mr y needs to be 25... and so likewise they are born...

:) Ya.. I beleive.. Stars are behind whatever happen in your life...
That does not mean I dont beleive in efforts...
Both are needed for success... Effort + Luck... (From stars...)

What do u say???

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Bundle of joy ~ Pranav

Like every girl even I dreamt of him. I use to spend hours thinking about him dwelling in my dream world. Imagining my prince, he would look like this he would be like this he will do this for me and what not. All day long however tired I might be I would get time to go in my imaginary world and think of him.
Then it happened 6 months before, even my parents entered my imaginary world. They too started dreaming about him. They started telling me about him. It was six months back that I heard this name, his name! Yes, he had a name- “Pranav”. Even before I saw him I knew him. My parents told me so many stories about him. They ignited the imagination fire within me. They aired the fire daily by talking about him. Reminding me.. He is coming soon, and with that followed thousands of instructions of how I should maintain myself. So that he is happy when he comes. 
We use to spend hours talking about him. There was no day left without his topic being discussed. It was as if we had already developed a bond. Initial 2 months I just heard them, how they praised him but then later slowly I developed interest. We talked with each other often. Without seeing each other we started loving and caring for each other that bond developed and then it happened that I desperately waited for the moment to come when we will actually see each other.
It was still 1 month left for him to arrive. That day my In-laws came to my home. As usual his topic came up and everyone started talking about him and teasing me.  Just One month.. .Bhabhi are you prepared to meet him... how do you feel?? All types of questions and I had no answers a strange feeling of shyness would grasp me and I would utter no word.
I use to go back in my dream world think about how we will spend our life here after. How my life will change. How I will care for him. How I will love him and how I will cherish all these memories. These were the most precious moments in a girl’s life and those I was living. I wanted to live them to fullest. The eagerness to meet, shyness, anxiety of the future. The wait everything added more and more to the suspense and I counted each sec… I was looking forward to the day with so much of expectations and there was fear, fear of the unknown. Though I knew him, I feared things that I didn’t know.   
That day arrived and at the same time our bond which was already developed got named. We were bonded together for lifetime. Bonded to be there for each other. That day was the happiest day for me. His touch made me feel so complete. His voice so soft. I could now feel him close to me. Was this a reality I pinched myself ‘oouch’.. yes it was… He was near me. I could touch him, kiss him, feel his skin, his voice, I could see him smile. He was so smart. Better than what I had imagined. When I looked into his Deep black eyes I felt as if they are hiding the night in them with the twinkling stars peeping out of them. Everything was so perfect about him. There was nothing to deny.. that it was love at first sight. Though we were in love since long. We knew each other and we were already committed to our relation. These worldly physical things hardly mattered to us. But when we saw each other for the first time that was icing on the cake.
Pranav was very shy types. After Meeting he hardly spoke anything it was all time me who use to do the talking part. He used to listen to me… giggle and smile and that killing smile, I would do anything to get that smile from him. Though I knew him so well, He talked very less. But that was never a problem for me as that gave me chance to speak more. Our relation developed as time passed.
Work started getting hectic for me. I use to reach home late. Pranav use to wait for me. I loved that feeling that someone is waiting for me. It used to bring a sense of wantedness in me. At The same time I never wanted him to wait for me so long. I too had an urge to reach home early Hug him … and forget all the worldly tensions in his killing smile.
That day I was very unhappy with my work, I talked to him I knew he will say nothing but My heart will feel relax so I talked to him about everything that was troubling me. 
Today is his Birth day. But his birthday is not just a birthday for me. It is an Anniversary to celebrate, The day had brought so many things in my life It was
Anniversary of our first kiss
Anniversary of our first touch
Anniversary of feeling each other
Anniversary of our Eyes Meeting each other.
Anniversary of Myself feeling complete, feeling a woman
Anniversary of my Motherhood.
“Happy Bday Pranav!! ”
Thanks for giving me this chance of being your Mother. – Pranav my Prince.

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