Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Budding Love #6.1

She was new in the cooking business. He had patience to give her the learning time. He ate whatever she cooked with no signs of repent. She would ask him every time how is it. He would answer her politely every time; encourage her to do better every time. She would be happy to listen to his comments and would work on them. He was sincere in giving her comments; they both were trying to make a good couple, he by encouraging her to expertise in her cooking skills and she by putting all her heart to reach the goal.
That day, he had a bad day, lot of work and to top that misunderstandings in the team, blame game being played. Handling people is the toughest job, you cannot take sides, especially if you befriend with both sides, and if you do, you are sure you are going to lose one friend… So tired and mentally disturbed he reached home. She chirpily greeted him, took his laptop bag from him and made him comfortable, after a small chat she asked him freshen up, while she served the dinner. He tried to keep all office worries and show enthusiasm to her, but the things kept coming back of his mind…
They settled to have dinner, she was very excited, she had tried a new dish and wanted to know his comments, she kept nudging him. He responded that it was good, it tasted nice.  She was happy. After a while she again enquired him about another dish…. He lost his control and in anger he shouted at her,
You didn’t taste it? Why do you need me to comment every time? You don’t have taste sense, why you need me to guide you every time?
She was in tears, she left the dinner table and went in her room crying, after a while he realized his mistake, he shouted at her for no reason, it was no where her fault. He too could not eat. He went to her. She was sitting leaning to the wall, head buried on her knees, sobbing. He sat there watching her; he had no clue what he should say, how he should say? He just hoped he didn’t hurt her again. After sitting there for some time, he just moved his hand over her head, she looked at him and he said sorry. She again continued crying, “Look, I really didn’t mean what I said, I was tensed and thinking about something else and you interrupted my thoughts, I just could not handle it, it’s all my fault, please forgive me.” She looked up again at him. Both were silent. She slide towards him and kept her head on his shoulder. Promise me you won’t do this again to me.
“I promise… ”,he moved his hand through her hair and then wiping her tears he took her face in cup of his hands and said, “The curry was delicious”
Really?? She questioned with happiness reflecting from her eyes. He just nodded and continued, “I could eat the complete bowl myself.. but…”
But what?
You came in here, so I also could not eat… so my wish remains incomplete….
Hmmm she smiled to herself knowing his tricks to lead her back to dining table. Without saying anything she got up and went to sit at her chair… They had dinner in peace and as a reward for cooking delicious curry she was later treated with an ice-cream.
Then her cooking guru never again got angry with her, she would welcome his feedbacks and appreciations and strive to do better every time, not only to be a good cook but after every delicious dish that she cooked, she was treated with a special treat. No this time it’s not an Ice – Cream treat!! It’s a special treat... ;)
She was now accustomed to cooking, not well but she had got a hang of how things work in kitchen. She was still in learning phase but had built a confidence. He came back home very tensed the other day. Looking at his face she got very nervous. She knew something was wrong. He was desperately surfing channels, switching from one to other. She came and sat near him. Holding his hand in hers she softly questioned, “What happened? Something wrong?”
He switched off the TV, he knew they had to face this and that too boldly. Umm… actually Ma had called me today, and.. ahh she said that she…. He took desperate pauses making her worry what the matter was.
“she said what? Ohh tell me… I’m all ears”
“ya I’m.. they are coming to stay with us for a couple of days. ”
“Ohh really.. wow, that’s so good… so why are you tensed?” She said chirpily.
“Dear, do you get the meaning of this... you will have to cook for them - all meals…. ” he stretched his words, trying to make her understand the severity of the problem.
“Them means who all are coming”
“Ma said she will be here with dad and a few relatives. Around 10-15 people”
“hmm so… why are you worrying… I will handle everything”
“you sure?”
“Yes dear, you don’t worry”
“I’m not worried about you won’t be able to handle so many at a time, I’m worried about my nagging aunty… whatever you do, you know she keeps nagging, she is never satisfied… whole time she will brag about her family, her sons, her Daughter In laws cooking ability and all and… ”
“You are worried, I may commit some mistake and let you down right?” she interrupted him in between. He shook his head in disagreement and said,  “No… not that dear, letting me down and you.. never.. I will never feel something like that for anything you do for me… but I don’t want to hurt you, their comments might hurt you.. you promise me, you will not take her harsh comments seriously… ”
“hmm I won’t and I promise that.” She said lifting his face by his chin “now can we have dinner?”
He smiled and they started towards the dinner table.
“So at what time they will be coming?” she asked as she served him.
“They will reach early morning… you will have to look after their snacks, tea, coffee and their kids requirements also…  ”
“Don’t worry Honey I will handle this.. but hmm… after I successfully handle this… I want a big treat” she said with naughtiness reflecting in her eyes.
“Big? Umm how big and what?”He questioned back trying to imitate her.
What…hmm, you... let that be suspense… it depends on how happy you will be after this task of mine is accomplished…. And for now you have to promise me you will fulfill my wish…
Ok.. done!!
They went to sleep, After getting assurance from her, he slept in peace. While she still was thinking. She had firmly shown confidence to him but she at her heart was knowing she was not ready for this, her tension prevailed, The next day was bringing with it the testing phase, yes, girls not only have to handle testers in office who test their code and patience, but also at home, who test her umm.. ?? her ability of being a good wife, or at least if she is a able person… as if cooking is the only thing left in the world…. She was lost in her thinking, he shifted sides and was now facing her, she kept looking at him, his face was lit in the dim light of the night lamp and happiness was still glowing on his face. She kissed his cheek and tried to gather some sleep, after all next couple of days were going to be hectic. She thanked God it was a weekend, else managing office and home would have been tougher.
… To be continued.

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