Saturday, July 4, 2009

Me, Myself and Nishi - I

I got up early in the morning and got ready as fast as I could it was a day with enthusiasm and spirit, I felt same things happening inside me when it was my 1st day to college. After 4 long years I was going to visit my college. The air was fresh, the sun was bright everything seemed to be so much fun! Like children feel when they are back to school after their summer vacations!
My cousin got her engineering seat in my college, so my uncle and aunt wanted me to be there with them throughout the admission process. When I reached the college gates I felt the soft breeze welcoming me, trees smiling at me, as though they were waiting for me. The lush green campus and the infrastructure were such that anyone could fall in love with them.
We entered in the building and as there was some time for her number to come I took them to show around, and then something weird happened… As I was standing in the corridor alone familiar voices started raising in my ears, I could not distinguish it clearly. My surrounding transformed, the corridor was now all filled by people to double its capacity, leaving no space to move and the crowd was shouting E.N.T.C , Some were shouting I.T some C.O.M.P and some Instru. The air was in high spirit full with colors and day had now turned into night, it took me few sec to realize that it was the ‘Gandhar’ night that was being celebrated. Right there in the middle of the quadrangle I saw Nishi sitting with her friends and shouting at pitch of her voice E.N.T.C! Then suddenly the voices came down as “Koi Kahe kahta rahe…” started being played and suddenly the quadrangle turned into a dance floor everyone started moving their bodies. After long time when they were tired Nishi and her friends sat on steps to relax for some time. It was very late and all were hungry so they decided to have dinner, there was long queue for dinner. They were about to die but somehow they got their food! As they had their food I moved along and I reached a room sunrays were peeping in through one side of the wall, there were n number of boards kept yes it was my Graphics lab. I went besides Nishi, she was struggling adjusting her drafter to the board thinking finally when that’s done she could draw parallel lines. Half of the class had finished 2 problem statements and Nishi was still busy adjusting her drafter not satisfied the nth time she removed it and called the professor, The professor was kind enough.. he adjusted her drafter showing each step to her and finally when Nishi agreed to understand each one of them and said she got the whole procedure He unclamped it from the board, leaving Nishi puzzled he said u know how to do it now come on do it. With some difficulty she could fix it and he joy knew no bound, when she looked around half of the class had finished the days assignment. She had to wait extra time and finish her assignments. But it looked she loved her 1st graphics class!
Next to the graphics lab was ‘Applied Science’ lab, where nothing more than mixing of fluids would happen and some physics experiments which gave us a practical angle to what we learnt in our theory classes. Nishi was there with her lab partner who seemed familiar to me but over the period of time I had forgotten her name. This time Nishi finished her experiment before the batch and in the lab time she could even complete her journal writing, saving time for her! After finishing her write up in her beautiful handwriting she went to Kulkarni Mam to get it checked and to her surprise she received a remark Very Good. A smile of accomplishment came on her face, it felt like a school kid getting a Star (*) on doing a good job or after getting 10/10.Leaving Nishi to enjoy her happiness, I moved ahead, I reached the Principals cabin I saw Khambatte Mam sitting there, She has seen a lot of growth from a Robotics professor to HOD to Principal. Nishi liked her, she had her unique way of teaching she created interest in her lectures, after all Robotics is an interesting subject. I felt like reaching to her and talking to her, but a fear gripped me will she recognize me? Somewhere I felt she will as I was topper in her subject but then I surpassed my urge to talk to her and I moved ahead. There in the corridor Vaishnavi and Nishi were sitting, I went to have a close look they were working on some ED(Electronic Design) design. They were arguing on what heat sink will be best for their design. They differed in their views it seems, right them Deoyani came running towards them she had some sheets of paper with her, she came and started telling them all the story how hard it was to convince the librarian to allow her to take the data sheet with her for Xerox on deposit of her I card, How she had to fight with him and finally she could get those Xerox, though there was a long queue at Xerox. Now they started looking at the datasheet for heat sinks which looked like aliens to them. Trying hard to figure out what this bulk of information meant J. After some references and some calculations they came to a conclusion to use ISG 300[imaginary number].Which neither Vaishnavi nor Nishi had thought of and Deoyani had no clue of what was going on. Still all three agreed on the same and finally their ED design was complete on the last day in last few minutes.. in short time . They hurriedly went to professor Kulkarni to submit their design… and I sat on the ‘katta’ where all the ED design came to existence spending time till late evenings just to complete the designs on time. As I was deep in my thoughts my cousin called me out, we were asked to sit in a classroom where all other ambitious students and their parents were sitting. This was the same classroom where all my BE lectures took place. I wanted to sit on the first bench and refresh my experience sitting in the class but my uncle and aunt would have felt odd so I avoided. As we waited the classroom which filled with parents turned into a classroom filled with students and I searched for her yes she was sitting right on the first bench with Vaishnavi making a note of every single word uttered by the professor. When the lecture got over Vaishnavi told Nishi that they will be coming like twins next day for the ‘Twins Day’ celebration. Nishi didn’t like the idea basically because Nishi had a boy cut and Vaishnavi had long, beautiful hair one would die for … so naturally she refused it. But Vaishnavi had other plan she said we will only dress in similar colors u be the boy and me the girl and we will be twins just like Aish and Srk in Josh, It seems Nishi liked the idea and she said ok let’s see. Since the next lecture professor had come they had to postpone the discussion. Now this was a boring lecture, even the professor won’t understand what he was saying and may be the discussion was still due which made the lecture more dull. Vaishnavi started scribbling in her notebook, Nishi got worried is it only she who is not understanding the lecture? Everyone in the class looked busy, back benchers she knew are completing the write-ups but what was Vaishnavi doing, just then Vaishnavi gave her book to Nishi to read and to her surprise she had written the list of items to be decided for next days program like which color dress they had in common, common shoes and all. She read it, gave her book back wrote her reply on her book and gave it to her to read. Since they were on the first bench they could hardly be noticed doing this by the professor and even if he did he might think they are sharing notesJ.In this way they discovered a new way to communicate in the lectures without getting noticed!! J Their whole plan for next day was decided, how and what will they perform on the stage, what things they need to search for.. only thing left was color of the dress.. it was difficult to decide as they both had different set of colors in their wardrobe! Finally they come up with “Brown” Both were going to wear Brown next day.
Next day as decided Vaishnavi came to Nishi’s hostel room she was so excited but when she saw Nishi dressed different than decided she got angry.. she started shouting.. Is this “Brown” #$%^ $^$&^ !@#! ?? She was not ready to listen. Finally when she got calm off course with help from Nishi’s roommates, Nishi got a small chance to speak, she said Her Brown jeans was put for drying and was still wet. Now she got the problem. But then now what to do?? All plans in vain?? LNishi was wearing Green..One of Nishi’s roommates had a green dress and probably that fit Vaishnavi, so Nishi was spared from Vaishnavi wrath, They happily went to college and on stage they even performed as bro-sis where Vaishnavi tied “Rakhi” on Nishi’s hand with “Bhaiyya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana.. ” playing in background.. And with this innovative idea of TwinDay celebration their class even bagged the 1st prize.

...To Be Continued.

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  1. nicely written all incidences. I went into it. very nice memories!!! good keep it up.


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