Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Me, Myself and Nishi - VI

Chicken Pox reminded me of only one thing and that was my DE practical exam. I had already missed 2 full weeks of college including lab sessions and viva was nearby I had very few days to complete all my submissions and then do the extra lab sessions get the knowledge of the subjects and all this I had to do alone.
But it all went so well thanks to Sonali and Shirin. I use to write all the writeups and they both use to draw circuit diagrams, graphs, flow charts everything that did not need a handwritting was done by them. Because of all this I could do my submissions well in time it took me 8 days to cope with the loss, with help of Sonali and Shirin.
Since I missed all my lectures too I didnt have slighest clue of what needs to be done, to be frank I went in a depression everything seemed top be tough. Sonali and Shirin were in Instrumentation Engineering but by Gods grace They also had a similar subject like Digital Electronics. Sonali use to teach me all the different methods in it and it was all so much of stuff in one go. Sonlai was a typical teacher after she taught me, she use to take my test. There were some simple addition substraction problems given to me 1st. I thought that will be easy. But in one I had to do 0-1 that in binary system, I got stuck I had not read this rule.What should be done? Then Shirin tried prompting me, no use dumbo me could not get what she is trying to explain. Result I had to bear Sonali's wrath. Then there were some compilicated methods , Ring counter, JK counter and toggeleswitch and what not I had to learn them all and that too in one go and then solve some problem given by Sonali. I had already had a lot of scoldings from Sonali, She was scolding me that Im not paying attention, She is wasting her time on me.... $%&*^ @#!@#!@! #$%@@!@#@!!#$I So I wanted to prove her this time, its not a waste.
But you will not believe me its all so confusing though now I feel It was dumb of me but when it was first tiime.believe me it was tough, I did the sum with all concentration and did my best to get the RHS = LHS. But I did some mistake and I was not able to get the ans write. I played with teh problem for a lot of time. I was about to cry, I felt so miserable like its delivery in 1 hour and the code is not ready to run, u are tired banging your head. Shirin was sitting next to me when she tried to help me Sonali started shouting at her so she also kept quite.
I was so worried but then came rupali in our room to ask some doubt to Sonali. Sonali was explaining it to he, Sonali was a Bond u see eveyone came with their difficulties to her. She got busy in resolving her query, in the mean time Shirin could not take one more look at my miserable face about to cry. She quickly pointed out my mistake and pretended as if she was studying her stuff. I was very happy to get the mistake. Finally I could save myself for atleast one time.
Simillarly days passed and it was the day of my DE practicals it was like a test for all three of us. I hardly slept for 3 hrs. I was working whole night. In the morning I had a headache. With great tention I went to the lab.There I came to know they are going to keep some surprise experiments, My heart was about to come out on hearing this. With great difficulty I prepared the known experiments(full ratta I tell you), how will I do unknown one ?? poor me, My slight headache started increasing... I took the one of the chit My hands were shaking, No I dont want to open this chit. I opened the chit "Ring Counter" was written on it. I was happy I knew it.. I was confident I will do it. Sonali and Shirin were standing at the gate looking curiously at me. I signalled them ring, tehy got it seeing my happy looks they knew I know about it. They waited outside the lab for me to finish the practicle.
I was So happy that day I had never had a better practical than this. All answers were perfect the external examiner was impressed. WE three were happy. And now I was Happy.
I took my thoughts to a back seat when our waiting time came to an end and we were asked to go inside the metron office.

When I entered I saw a familiar office. This was the same office where Nishi and her friends were standing and decision to expel them was being taken.
Keep watching thsi space for all your answere why? what next? who ? ??
...To Be Continued...

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