Friday, July 10, 2009

Me, Myself and Nishi -III

We started towards the parking lot after I came out I turned back to the college building and saw the golden words of my life I read them aloud to myself : “Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s Cummins College of Engineering for Women” and the whole background changed, The environment around me changed I was standing on COEP ground, where number of parents were lined up in queue for getting admission with their children in engineering. There I saw Nishi’s mom sitting with her brother, but I could not see Nishi and her Dad may be they had gone inside the building to take admissions. Right then I saw Nishi coming out of the building. She was full with tears. Her eyes were red, seemed she was not happy, everyone gathered round her, Nishi was just crying. Then after some time she said she has got a seat in Cummins College in ENTC. She wanted to get admission in COEP which was a bit tough. But Nishi hardly knew at that time that this college is going to give her the best memorable years in her life.

As I moved ahead towards the parking lot I saw the open space in front of the architecture college where I saw Nishi performing her civil lab practical on the Field adjusting the tripod to measure height of the landscape. She was being guided as to how to operate the instrument be her lab guide and was surrounded by a whole batch of girls curious to know what is going on!! After the experiment Nishi was proudly explaining everyone how clumsy the instrument is and it is hard to adjust it to perfect setting. In short she was busy boasting about Her first Field Experience.

Going ahead I came across a mini factory like structure there was carpentry, blacksmithy, Big machines like late and all were kept and workers working on shaping metals, wood, plastic yes it was “The workshop”. There was Nishi smelling her newly received apron, and then impatiently trying it on herself. In a blink I saw them at a different location now Nishi and Vaishnavi were there. They wanted a box to be designed for their third year project. They had asked the workmen there to make a box for them but he said they need to give them dimensions of the box, Nishi opened her hands and signed to him this much! But he said he need it in drawing, already they were late for the lecture hurriedly Vaishnavi took out pen and paper and started drawing a cube. With some mumbling, they both were cursing him what’s his problem? Can’t he just prepare and give us a box? And so on.. but as they started designing they came to know the box should be able to fit their circuit PCB, so they took measurement of their PCB and then accordingly decided the dimensions of the box, then they realized the box should have a opening for power, a switch and a display that will display the time, some open space for all the wires … and most important the box should have one side which could be opened and closed.. for repairs and modifications in their circuit hushhh… they said finally when it was done. More than satisfied about their work, they believed they have designed a master piece. The satisfaction that I saw on their face I don’t see it anywhere within MYSELF.When they went with their proud design to the workmen he said it needs to approved from the lecturer, for the box to be prepared at workshop.. Ohhhh nooo now they both rushed to Prof. Palan to get his approval. After getting the approval they were back in the workshop, happy now that finally they will have a nice cute box for their project which will be colored in red, no black no.. grey will look better..they kept on arguing and finally reached on common conclusion “Navy Blue”. I started laughing hearing their arguments, my cousin asked me what happened? Umm haa @@@ #$$% hmm what #$@? Before I realized she said lets go to the canteen I’m hungry and tired after doing all that tedious process. We all went to the canteen and had a Vadapav, it still had the same taste that it had before 4 years. After getting bombarded from the lecturers a vadapav with hot cup of chai was more delicious than a Pizza Party that MYSELF have today. There my cousin met some other would be class mates of hers!! Now our next mission was to look for hostel for my cousin. Obviously our first preference was the college hostel. So we all started from parking lot to hostel…

…To be continued.
Keep watching this space to know what fun Nishi did in her hostel life…

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  1. Hi Nishi,

    I didnt know u have such a good talentd writer in you. Keep it up!

    All the best.



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