Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me Myself Nishi - V

We entered Hostel 1 where the metron office was on the way I saw sonali and shirin out of their beds standing near a wall waiting impatiently. I was a bit puzzled what are they doing so early what are they waiting? ohh I think they are waiting for somones call.desparately wanting the phone to ring. And here goes the annoucement for sonali and shirin to attend the phone... Tringgg ... Tringgg... They are both confused who will go first but as the rule said Sonali first, So Sonali answered the call ... on the 1st ring. It was Nishi on other side.

Sonali - How are u Nishi?

Nishi - Im doing good it svery cold out here. how are you both?

Sonali- We are doing good. We remember you a lot. It is a bit cold here, managable. how are u feeling now? are u feeling better now? How is your chicken pox.Don't rome a lot around you will get infection . Your chicken pox will get worse.

Nishi - yes, I know Its much better now. Im feeling good now.That is why I came out of home after 2 weeks today. Its nice to be in fresh air. I missed my college for 2 weeks, I hope I will cover the part I missed a lot would have happened na? I miss you both a lot. I have nothing to do here. I dont go anywhere in fear that I would spread the infection. I stay in that only one room. But now I think I will be able to join college from next Mon.

Sonali - We will be waiting for you dear. come soon. And dont take tension of studies. you will manage it. ( to shirin who is growing desperate to talk to nishi Wait shirin,let me finish.. but shirin takes the receiver from sonali )

Shirin - Hello Nishi how are you? I miss you a lot. Im talking after so many days to you. Its after 2 weeks. I was not here when u went. Im feeling like ages, I havent seen you. And how are you now? What did the doctor say? when can u join college? When are you comming? Bring "Khasta" with you.

Nishi - areee... wait wait wait.. so many ques I forgot half of them, to answer the other half Im doing good now. Will join from next Monday,I wanted to join immediately but I didnt get tickets. To have to wait till monday. Mom Dad also said u will get rest so its better join on Mon. My bus is at 8.00pm sunday from here will reach in Pune by 6.00 Am so stay awake when I come.

Shirin- hehhe yes yes we will get up be ready by the time u come.

Nishi - Ok then chalo I will call you again if I go out.Tell bye to Sonali Byeeee

Shirin - Bye.. Take care.

Beep--Beep-Beep went the phone.

Both were excited. They said to each other Monday 3 more days to go... and did high-five to each other. They both warned each other to get up early before Nishi's bus reaches in Pune and to be ready to welcome her! Happy with their plan, They started moving to their room and then suddenly started running, may be they just remembered they have to attend college too before Monday comes. In their rush they didnt even notice they were about to dash into me.. which brought me back to the reality, And I with my cousin started in the direction of Metron's office.

...To Be Continued...

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