Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Me, Myself and Nishi - IV

I was lost in my thought, I came to senses by the screeching noise created by sudden application of brakes. To save the immature driver of a scooty. I realized we had reached the hostel which was 2 min drive from college, I would have preferred a walk though, which would have refreshed my innumerous such walks!
As we entered the gates, Nishi with Sonali [Sonali is a typical Maharashtrian girl. Mom and Dad’s girl, she will never go against her parents wish, typically a girl next door but when it comes to putting her point she is adamant she will convince you that she is right even if she was Wrong! That’s how strong her convincing skills are.. ]and Shirin[Dad’s Girl, She thinks she is the only capable female who can play heroine role in every movie paired opposite any actor! U watch a film with her and u see her next day dreaming herself to be in place of the heroine holding hands in hand with the hero singing in the woods.. that’s how dreamy she is. And she believes these crap movies to be a real worl.. Nishi and Sonali are tired telling her Grow Up] also entered. They were whispers, giggling and laughter in air. There was a security room at the gate. All three of them tried escaping the guard, but he noticed them and shouted at them, You are late you need to add late mark in the register! The trio tried convincing.. “Bhaiyya traffic itna tha 1 ghanta pehle nikle the hum par late ho hi gaya… pehli baar late huye hai plzz bhaiya jane do.. “ Right then their warden comes and stands behind them Bhaiyya had no choice and even the trio marked their late attendance saying sorry to the warden they moved ahead. I could hear them saying how many late marks are left? Still a half month to go.. Next time if we get late surely our parents will get the letter for non–compliance of rules said Nishi in a tensed voice.”Don’t worry we will go to a nearby hotel next Sunday” said shirin in a whisper and all started giggling again. Nishi hit Shirn on her head and ran away signaling her catch me if you can Shirin also started running trying to chase her. Sonali kept walking in a slow space may be because she was tired. I kept watching their movements till they disappeared from my vision.
I also started moving ahead trying to chase them, but the security guard shouted again but this time it was for me! Madam where are you going inside? You cannot go inside like this? Please sign in the Guest Register. I was amused to see the guard he showed signs of old age now, 2 min before he was so young shouting at Nishi and her friends. He was head of security now. I asked him, bhiayya pehchana? He nodded happily I told him meri behan ke admission ke liye aaye hai, Madam hai kya? He was more than happy to see me and help us. He called the matron and told us to go inside. Things have changed so much just some time back I needed no one’s permission to enter My hostel but today I need permission! We now moved inside the hostel campus the 4th hostel was completely built up. It was under construction. I showed each change that I noticed to my cousin in great excitement. The steps, ya .. I thought to myself. These were the steps where we would sit after our dinner and get our self relaxed from the college, lectures, submissions all tensions. All time chit chat, all nonsense bakwas… which was so meaning full that time. The time I spent here is incomparable to the comfort I give myself in the Ac cabin. The chit chat is no where there, and friends? There are no friends left now only colleagues. Every time I have to keep warning myself that I may hurt someone. I was walking and someone came and dashed against me, I looked around it was Nishi, Shirin had caught her and was trying to hurt her, but Nishi was quick enough to get hold of her hands! Now Shirin was helpless. She kept saying leave my hands, once I will show you how hard I can hit you! To this Nishi responded Show me your strength, Get yourself out of my hold if you can.. and after a lot of struggle though Shirin could not set herself free.. She was about to cry now trying to control (maybe she realized Nishi was tough to crack..) By then Sonali also came there, Nishi and Sonali signaled each other realizing Shirin’s situation, Nishi set her free and ran away sure enough that Shirin will run behind again trying to catch her. I saw their rooms light going on and came to know they reached their room. I went upstairs, I was standing in front of Room No 201. There were loud voices coming out I guess they were still fighting. Then Shirin came out of the room. She ran downstairs. Now Sonali groaned at Nishi. Why did you do that? You know she is not strong enough to face you said Sonali. Then she must just agree that, I didn’t ask anything else. I only wanted her to accept that but she was not ready. Don’t worry I will take care of this, said Nishi and went down stairs to console Shirin. After a thousand sorry Shirin agreed to come to the room. On the stairs Nishi said to her but you know what Shirin I’m stronger than you.. Ya I know said Shirin. Both started laughing and went inside the room. After telling how hard it was to convince Shirin to Sonali and how in the end Nishi proved her point. Sonali looked at Shirin and Shirin could not escape that smile. The air in the room was again filled with laughter.
I had a look at the room on a wall opposite to the window there were three beautiful houses, written on the wall was “Facta Non Verba” which means speak less and work more. Which I didn’t felt was being followed. Lined in one corner were three cupboards. The room was clean. Other than bed there were three study tables and three book shelves, one of which was converted into a small temple where all Gods were kept it had a essences stick burning which filled with aroma, apart from their laughter. Happy with their Sunday They all went to sleep.

…To be continued…

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