Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me, Myself and Nishi - II

After winning prize more expectations were set now.. the next day to be celebrated was SerialDay Everyone had to dress as a serial character that was going to be fun. Vaishnavi had dressed as Tulsi from Kyuki saas.. since Nishi was not interested in wearing a sari no one forced her this time and she was happy for that. But fate had something else stored for her at the time of stage performance the class came up with a theme where they needed a hero and there were only heroines there! So again they turned to Nishi and she could not deny their request again Nishi dressed in a jeans and a long kurta to become Mihir!

The show started with Vaishnavi opening the door and introducing each one of the characters’..Nishi didn’t knew anything about these serials so how could she act like them but she was told she only needs to follow the instructions rest will be taken care. So for Mihir’s role she only needed to stroll on the stage talking on a mobile and to look damn busy, that was simple.. Nishi performed it well but the next part was to play hero from Kasuti zindagi ki where the hero and heroine pose for a “Titanic Pose” and a red chunari falls and covers them.. and some more 2-3 serial hero acting she had to do. She was the only hero and every time the heroines would change as the serial changed. They didn’t get a prize for this but it was fun! I came back to my senses by a irritating, strange but familiar sound..

As my cousins admission was done the printer started printing receipt.. the sound created by it was very familiar to me, it reminded me how we use to be in queue for taking the printouts for our computer lab assignments. Every time there would be some or the other problem with the printer when Nishi’s turn came, sometime the paper would get jam sometime the ink would get over some time the paper and sometime the printer would just deny to start. After such varied experiences with printers she could have easily got job in printer repairs? My cousin took the receipt in her hand and was overjoyed. Now we had to book hostel for her. As we started towards the exit I could not resist to notice the bench kept their, It was the most memorable day of Nishi’s college life and this bench had been her only support at that difficult moment, It was the BE 1st sem result day!

Nishi was sitting on this bench very tensed about what will happen in the next 1 hour. Everyone was in classroom 1 to get their results but Nishi could not gather courage to get in the class, she felt that was a unlucky classroom.. her last 2 results were bad which she received in that classroom.. when u are tensed all these superstitions start playing their role. She also carried her favorite Ganesh idol with her for her moral support. Each moment brought more and more tension, what number is going on in the class room. Since this was BE 1st sem result she did not want it to be bad though she knew her papers could have been better if she would have concentrated more on studies rather than her BE project. For the 150 marks of project she had sacrificed 600 marks of other subjects. The project was very interesting they were making a ”Robot “and this was not a simple robot, He was going to have a brain to remember his path, off course Nishi and her friends were going to provide him the brain! DRDO had sponsored this project and even they didn’t have idea how their requirement will fertilize. Excited about doing something innovative, the EEPROM IC the microcontrollers the remote control…all these fascinated her and she missed her lectures to give more time in making her project a success. She could not study, As remaining time went in completing her journals. Only time she gave for studies was in PL. She was sitting there looking at the syllabus for the first time, not knowing from where to start. Nishi started crying harder now, she was praying to GOD :”plz give me a chance to change this one sem of my life I will change my priorities, I promise I will study hard..” thought of her parents reaction started coming how will they handle this it’s my final year result and again she started crying.

Vaishnavi came there with her result she started consoling her, asked her not to take tension she had a first class. That made Nishi more nervous as Vaishnavi could clear all subjects and even managed to get a first class. It will be all treated as her fault now, Vaishnavi had also given same amount of time as Nishi for the project, she had also missed all her lectures. She was worried what all she has go through now, how many ATKTs ohh GOD help her!

By the time now the results came out from the classroom to the office. All her friends asked nishi to take the result now from the office. Nishi was scared she was not able to stand, and walk up to the office to collect her result. With her friends support she went to office, Vaishnavi was with her she took the result without looking at the result she handed it to Vaishnavi and signed the received copy in register. After that she just enquired to Vaishnavi All clear? How many ATKT’s? Vaishnavi just nodded. What did that mean she was in a shock; she told Nishi she had all clear with Distinction. Nishi only heard All clear. She was so happy she thanked GOD. Then took her mark sheet from Vaishnavi, she again told Nishi u have distinction, Nishi again got puzzled she looked at the name on mark sheet it was hers she checked the total, calculated her % yes she had a distinction. Her joy knew no bound may be GOD listened to her prayer. Everyone was happy now as everyone had a all clear!

…To be continued.

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