Thursday, February 1, 2018

He loves me!!

No need sir.... exclaimed the driver, adjusting his seat belt, as he buckled it he continued, "i need to put it as there will be police at the next signal"

Parag looked at him calmly and as he buckled his seat belt he casually remarked,"Brother, Its not that I dont trust your driving skills but I love the ladies seating backseat more!!" Completing his sentence he smiled at me and Garima.

I was stunned by his reply and thouhts started flowing thats so true... we can say our loved ones "I love you!!" Even through such small act of ours.

Why is it that we dont care for our safety?

Why we wear helmet, seat belt only to avoid fine!! These rules are to protect us... why we think we think we are harassed by these rules!!

Friends someone who loves you, for whom you are their world is waiting for you, please follow safety rules they are for our benifits, Drive Safe!!!

I feel everyone should starts thinking like Parag... Im so proud to have you in my life Parag!!

Thank you dear for putting safety before casual comfort.

Next time friends make your loved ones proud by following rules and showing ur love for them.

- Thank you in advance.

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