Monday, December 18, 2017

am I evolving?

An interesting question came to my mind today and want to share it.
Evolution : aree baba wait... im not going to take a hiatory class.😉
Did you ever notice yourself.. we are created so perfect... every minute detail is taken care, forget about the complex systems like nervous system, respiratory system etc... it was given deep thought even when GOD created nails for us, our hair protect us. Did you ever notice how God might have come up with the material of our skin? It doesn't get wet in water, it doesn't absorb water but it absorbs body lotion 😉. It's rough enough to handle this pollution and soft enough to feel the love... we can feel even the ant or a small insect on our skin.
What I want to say is...
We are perfect... NOW or we have evolved to become perfect. Is this the end?
Has HE stopped thinking? Why is there no change in us for so many years now... I mean even Ram in his human avatar was as we are now. Isn't he bored looking at same us?
So if God wants to add a new feature in us and create a next version of human what do you think he will modify in us? Will he give ability to be amphibian? Will he add skin in between our toes to make us swim like ducks? 😃
These are just my wild imaginations...
So can you think of some features which you think are essential and should get deployed as eternal part of us.
So friends scratch your creative grey cells and come up with some mind boggling features - lets call this list of features as our wishlist. May be some of the feature from this wishlist comes true??? God knows when may be in time x.x 😂. Where x could take value from 50-99😉. In your next janam you will take birth with those advance feature... offcourse u know na papiyo ko sare jivo ki yoni mein janam lena padta hai and all... human janam is not an easy affair!!! And the rate at which u are committing crimes... what to say 

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