Thursday, March 8, 2012


It was one of the dreadful days of her life she had never thought of.She loved him so much and he did love her in return… But today had something different in store…

today they argued and fought over silly issues… both claiming the other was guilty. With a Thud he left the room… not wanting to increase the argument.. leaving her alone, she collapsed on the bed and with ease let the tears flow…

She cried; her heart ached and asked her again and again why it was like this? He said, he cannot see tears in her eyes but then how could he be the reason for tears in her eyes? He could not bear a tear in her eyes… but what about her heart that is crying silently?

He could not bear a slight scratch on her skin, but what about the scars that were created on her soul He said he understood her, but he could not say a single word of encouragement when she was down, all her world against her, didn’t he know how she felt then?

She knew he loved her.. there was no doubt… she knew he cared but something was going wrong, she could not express her feelings and he could not see her hidden pain, it was unseen; as it was for the world She had wished only one thing in return from him – he should understand her feelings! Was she asking too much?

He can never understand me.. our relation is going nowhere she thought to herself.. this has to end here.. her mind was taking extreme steps as it could not handle the pressure her heart was into. She cried and cried till the wee hours of morning when sometime she went to sleep….

…. And when she woke up in the morning … Her eyes were swollen; throat was soar and she could hardly breathe! Even after the sleep she could feel everything that the last night brought with it…

But her pain had sublimed with the rising sun
and she again submitted herself to him…
. … To love her, to care about her… to HURT her…

Because she knew that when she loved him she gave him the complete right to hurt her!

~~~Happy Women’s Day!!~~~
In This article I wanted to show how sensitive a women is… yet how forgiving a women is!! When She says she loves you… she loves you with every bit and peice and everyway that she can… !!!
Honour her for being a part of your life, beautifying your life by playing various roles….
….Making you live beautiful moments!! don’t you? 

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