Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lunch time!!

… This was the most desired time for me a few months back.. when I was in Infy… we would move to the cafeteria as soon as the clock striked 12…
Today also the clock striked 12… but today I don’t feel that enthusiasm.. towards it.. today I dont feel like spending time for it… is it really necessary?? yes.. answers my brain… you have to live and so u have to have energy and so have to have food…
I drag myself to the cafeteria here and sit there alone lost in myself… wondering here and there.. or looking at the crowd.. feeling jealous… about people who come there in group.
I have never been part of a big gang.. we were just the three… Me and my two friends.. Lunch time was a time when we entered into a different world.. our world… !! chatting, teasing, gossiping… sharing concerns… that was all what we wanted to do… apart from taking meals meanwhile… that one hour would seem to be so less… we would always end up our session with realization that someone from us had an important meeting or a client call or a defect to be fixed… :(
If anyone would be late for lunch.. we used to get upset.. cause we would loose that much of fun… 12 means 12… we would be ready to go for lunch keeping our busy schedule far from us for a while!!
Here… Im all on my own.. I don’t even bother to go and have lunch… some time later… when I start getting headache I realize.. ohh I haven’t had my lunch.. and so I start for lunch…
I miss you my friends.. I really miss the time we spent and I miss everything we shared….
I had never thought I would feel bad about not having anyone around… as Im a silent person… I don’t talk much but when I’m with friends I’m myself… a chatterbox…
I miss fun… I miss living in the company…. !! I miss friends here!!!
I need friends… live.. friends.. whom I can see apart from doing talking… who can wipe my tears off my face.. !!!
I really miss enjoying with friends.. may be with time I will get someone here also.. but people here are so aloof.. no one feels need to talk to anyone… everyone busy minding their bussiness… :(
Calling friends… anybody interested.. ??
cause I beleive… there are no strangers.. only friends you haven’t met. ..
feeling very sad today… so Im missing my frzs or missing frnz so feeling very sad dont know…

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