Friday, September 9, 2016

OMG!!... what to say... feeling so excited!!!
I'm writing here after I think  3 years!!????
Im loving this..
Right now nothing is coming to my mind... apart from happiness...
as If I have found my lost love...
Yes writing is my love!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you God!!!

I know Im sounding crazy!!
The blog was there already... but I could not open and write in to it...
was so tied up with work!!!
but now I will surely be regular!!

So what should I write today about??
hmm... an interesting observation!!
These days creating a different spelling of a word is style!!

Yesterday I saw a spelling mistake in name of a saloon..
but it kept me wondering..
was it a mistake or a style?? :)

so these days anyone can coolly hide their mistake in name of style and fashion...
if u make mistake in cutting or stitching cloth, it becomes fashion...
if barber makes mistake it becomes a new hair style.. :)

so.. you get to learn from your mistake...
or we can say... mistake is step to innovation!!!

That's it for today!!
with that thought I would sign out!!

Be in Touch!!

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