Monday, June 24, 2013

Budding Love #9

It was raining heavily, after spending an extra hour in the traffic jam she finally reached home. There we no lights in the area, with help of her mobile light she searched for keys in her purse,  “Hushhhhh” she signed as she threw herself on the couch. It was such a tiring day. She was thirsty but her feet were too tired to reach the fridge. She sat there for couple of minutes closing her eyes, the tiredness had taken over her she could just fall asleep then and there but she knew there were lot of things waiting for her attention.
She fiddled in the darkness to reach to the emergency light, in that dim light the shadows created a horror movie set and she was terrified to move but gathering herself she took the emergency with her to the kitchen. There were no people on their floor everybody was on vacation, “Damn IT, I just hate it we can never be on a vacation” she grumbled. She scanned the fridge and one by one took things she needed. It seems there is some serious problem with electric department, usually in their area the lights won’t go for more than 10 min. She chopped the vegetables and started preparing for supper. At back of her mind she was thinking of him, she knew he will too get late home today, the traffic was very slow that day. She went in the balcony to get the clothes, while the curry was getting prepared she was doing other household chores, they kept her busy esp. her mind, the darkness would otherwise had scared her. She completed all the chores the clock showed 9:00 pm; she thought to herself, she has just finished in time he will be home anytime. She went and relaxed a bit on the couch. In some time the lights came. She took the remote and switched on the TV, the silence was killing her, after a while she got and went to get fresh. After the hot bath she felt good.  She looked at the clock, 9:30 pm, hmm its taking him long she thought, “let me call and ask where he reached” she thought to herself as she dialed his number. “The number you have dialed is not answering any calls at this time” She kept the mobile aside and got busy getting ready for dinner. After couple of min she again dialed his number, same reply… she went and sat in front of the idiot box switching channels while nothing caught her attention she was absent mindedly changing channels, thinking how long he will take… hunger had started taking over.
She looked at the clock 10:00 pm it showed, this was getting on her nerve now, at click of every sec tension was mounting, weird thoughts started coming to her mind. The tension was mounting and unknowingly she had started thinking of ways to reach him. There was no one on the floor whom she could go for help, she did not carry any of his colleagues number, “Have he lost his mobile? Why is he not answering the calls? Is he all right?” All kind of thoughts started running and scaring the hell out of her. At a moment tension reached a peak and she started crying. Not knowing what should she do, should I call mom and dad? They stay far away troubling them at this hour? Will it be fine? She just wanted to close her eyes and when she opens them she wanted to find him standing in front of her. Her heart was racing with time. She felt as if she will suffer a heart attack. Just then she heard jiggling of keys, she rushed to the door and opened it and as she saw him standing in front of her she just burst and shouted at him for not answering her call calling him irresponsible and blaming him for every sin on earth. He just kept quiet and entered. She too just dropped on the couch, he went in and got fresh, after a while she got the dinner table ready, He came back and sat, she did not look at him, she served him and started eating, He sensed it through her behavior that she was very angry with him and without making any attempt to console her he too ate in silence. After dinner she cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen counter. After setting everything to its place she went to sleep, leaving him with TV. At around 11:50 he came to the room, as soon as he got into the bed he heard her, “We need to talk”
Knowing what’s coming his way he stood there still ready for the let’s talk activity which would more be a listening activity for him.
“How can you be so irresponsible? Why didn’t you answer my calls? You know how worried I was? I thought you would come early today as you drove to office, You didn’t even bother to call me back? Do you know how difficult it was for me to sit here all alone wondering what should I do next? If you would have not come in next 15 min you would have seen me laying there with a heart attack due to tension you caused me.” He sat there silent, “What I expect some answer.. are you listening?” he was listening to her he nodded and looked at his watch, took her hand in both his hands and with care he kissed it with care bringing all his emotion to life he said, “Happy Birthday!! I love you !!” and handed the little box he carried with him to her, for a moment she forgot everything, she was so touched with his gesture, she opened it and a sweet diamond ring was gleaming back at her . “Wow!!” she exclaimed. Lost in it for a couple of min. He remembered her Bday and that was more than anything for her, she just forgot all the grudges… “ohh…Dear there was no need of getting late for this…  ” he just raised his eyebrows, “Ok then let me return it back” he said grabbing the ring back, observing the disappointment appearing on her face, he pulled the ring out of the box and taking her hand in his slide the ring in her finger, her face was glowing with happiness she kissed his hand and then the ring… she kept her head on his shoulder and they both kept admiring the beauty, she of the ring and he, her glowing face with happiness.

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