Monday, April 29, 2013

Wrong Number ... To (Right?) Person!

A few comments I received for my writing. I chose to print voice of comman man, common in all terms just like you and me so that you can relate to them.

I don’t know what to write I can just say I loved each and every character in story which shows wonderful you represented each character.

The language usage in story and interest creation in ending of each part is very good.

In one word simply superb……

- Prafulla

I really liked story very much.Eagerly looking forward to the sequel and Very happy to hear that you are converting them into story books.

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors! Keep writing..& keep smiling


I really loved your work. I am a bad reader; I hate reading whether it’s a story, novel or study books. The characters created by you are so real that I can feel their pain as if it’s happening to me. I just wanted to appreciate you for your superb work. You have a great talent, do not stop writing.

I am a big fan of all ur blogs...Not less than watching a romantic movie... Liked ur story...really good.. When I read thru, I could imagine the story being happening in real... You have such good story writing skills whoever read once can't stop themselves to read the next part...the way you have penned down this story its really commendable…


I read quite a lot. At least from my college days.

I try so many titles. But only a few interest me. And definitely your works are also very attractive.

The way the story is taken. It brings back our own memories. Thanks a lot for that..

I really want your stories to be published..

All the best with that.



Have you ever got a call from a wrong number? I know the answer is yes, but have your missed something very important because of this call, a call from an unknown person and you miss the most awaited moment of your life?

How many times in a day do you get a call from a wrong number, may be once in a day or once in a week but what if you get call from a wrong number several times? Will you be irritated? How many times can you tell someone that it is a wrong number that they have dialed? You talk to the unknown person politely! You don’t know why? Should we call it destiny – may be. You are destined to talk to the person, what if the other person sounds interesting, you engage in talks with him and slowly you become phone friend, and what if you take this relation ahead and fall in love with him, falling in love with someone you haven’t met? Haven’t seen? Do you feel the excitement of knowing more about such person, excitement to meet this new love?

This story is of Tanvi who attends a call from Wrong number just like you and I would do and this one call changes her whole life for a lifetime. Was answering this wrong number a right decision? Explore the answer as you read through her story.

The story starts here:

“Avani, let’s go it’s getting late; I don’t want to miss the start, how much time you are taking to get ready?” called out Tanvi, as she put on her earrings.

“Yes Ma’am I’m done, let’s go, I’m so excited. Chalo chalo lets move else we will get late”, rushed Avani, picking up the keys. Both of them locked the flat and ran through the stairs not wanting to waste time for lift. Tanvi took scooty keys from Avani and they started for Adlabs.

                                           ....... Later afrter reaching Adlabs........

Reluctantly she answered the call, before the person said anything she started,

“Look Mr., I don’t know who you are. I’m trying to be polite to you but let me tell you this isn’t Ritu’s number and I don’t know any Ritu. Please check the number you have dialed. Please don’t bother me again. I can’t do anything if Ritu gave you this as her number. But in reality it’s not Ritu’s number it’s my number so please excuse me.” Tanvi said in one breath and was happy that she finally rudely told this fellow that she doesn’t bother who Ritu he wants to talk to satisfied she was about to press the end call button when the voice on other end said, “Hi, this is Madhav and actually I wanted to talk to you.” Tanvi was shocked but digesting her shock she said, “Me? why? Do I know you? Who Madhav?” Tanvi stressed her grey cells to recall, “Ammm ahhh I can’t recollect if I know any Madhav.”

“Can you spare 5 min I will let you know all details… ” the voice on other side pleaded.

“ahh.. what?? 5 min… ohh any ways ok... we can talk but not now please call me after 15 – 20 min.” saying this she turned to go to her seat but on the screen in bold letters she could only see written

                                                The Beginning!!

If this intrests you and you want to read further, please book your copy now:


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