Monday, December 24, 2012

Love at first sight…

Love at first sight…
How can you love a crying person… people look beautiful when they smile right? and you fall for them for their smile?
Will you fall for someone who keeps crying? Can tears attract someone to you?
In my case it did… ya… I know you don’t beleive me…  But it has happened and it was not love that grew eventually it was my first love and it was?? no It is my Love at first sight.. or rather His love at first sight :)
Our first meeting was at the most unromatic place not in a park or cinema hall or any romantic place where love can bloom that you can think of in this world… It was a hospital, When he first saw me I was crying uncontrollably, still he loved me… I dont know how he could fall for my tears,
In those tears he found his happiness??? You might think he is a jerk right?
I gave him blank looks but the belongingness in his eyes made me forget this world….Forget the hospital, my reason for being there, the sadness, the pain everything disappeared by just one look in his eyes…
He stood at a distance and looked at me for quite some time, then after a while he came to me, He did not speak a word nor did I, he just took my hand in his and kept looking at me silently, there was peace in his eyes, so much calmess that it made my pain vanish, I forgot why I was crying.
His eyes were content and they were telling me so many things, He was silently supporting me, his warm touch gave me a feeling of care.
He caressed my hand for a while and then he planted a soft kiss on it, that kiss  told me “Come what may I will stand by you always… ”
His aura made me forget the smell of medicines and blood that was lingering in the hospital,
He tought me the meaning of passion, He tought me to love unconditionally, Because of him I know what Love means,
His touch made me feel what “To Care” means,
His eyes told me so many untold things, He was still admiring my tears which were lost somewhere now, I was so comfortable in his arms, Nothing in this world can be more cozy than his arms, a place to reside when Im in fear. He was holding me firmly and after a while his hearts was content admiring me, he bend towards me and he kissed my cheek, my first kiss and I don’t remember how my heart was reacting cause I was out of my mind!!
Slowly lifting his head he whispered those magic words which still linger in my ears… “I love you my baby…. Daddy will never let you hurt… ”
And till today he has kept his promise… He has been with me in every up and down….
Thinking of him, feeling his love and planning for his coming Bday… :)
Love you Daddy…

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