Thursday, May 26, 2011

Infoscion to Mphascian - My thoughts on the change

A journey from an Infoscion to a Mphascian.

It was not an easy decision to make. I loved Infy so much. But the decision was made and I had to honour my decision. There was no way I could backout. Things did change in this transition. It has been a month now Im a Mphascian, When walk through the campus here I see no greenery around I only see concrete buildings. People around give weird looks, common yaar I know we dont know each otherbut cant we smile? In Infy too I was a stranger to 99% crowd but there I felt part of the crowd. The crowd in infy resembeled me or is it just the way Im thinking and lookiing at this?

There was comfort in everything in Infy. I have to find comfort and make myself comfortable. Im living making my self assuaranes that everything will be all right once I get allocated to a project. Im exactly living the phrase "Empty mind is devils workshop" ... I get all sought of weird thought.. so I have decided... Im going to nurture my hobbies... learn guitar.. lear driving car... invest this time of mine in constructive work. Rather than just wasting my time and energy thinking about it.

Things have changed....

I used to travel through an all by myself road... NH - 16 and travel the 35KM dist in 45 min.... Now I travel the 20 KM dist in 1 hr.

I used be busy busy.,.. busy.. Im all free free free In project still as good as on bench

I left home at 7:30 AM... now I leave home at 10:30 AM

I use to get home around 7:15 PM... now I get home at 5 PM..

I had no many... but 2-3 friends to talk with and be around.... Here I have only the system to share my feelings.... that too is for some time.. its on sharing basis.. :(

My lunch time there was so full of enthu...I looked forward for that 1 hr that I spent with my friends... here.. I think that time should not come.. the watch shd move ahead andskip that lunch hr.. but you have to have food.. :(

Infy was so enjoyable... why couldn't give me opportunities... Why would have I wanted to change... ???

But I know this all wil pass... I will like this company.. in matter of days time I will find new friends here, will get involved in activities here.. and soon I will have replacement for everything in Infy... I will forget how deeply I loved INfy... So.. to have memories of those fouind days and how I remembered Infy in the initial days here, Im writing this blog...

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