Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Wishes...

Everyone might think about this today, it’s such a common question and such a common thought to cross your mind...
Now when only a few hours are left for the year 2009 to come to an end, I was thinking what did this passing year brought to my life?
what good and bad it added in my life, While I’m writing this feeling like it was just yesterday when I made new year resolutions for this passing year and its again time to make the same resolutions again...
They say time is relative.. when u are happy time seems flying but when you are sad it seems going in slow motion so I think last year was filled with happy moments… so much that I did not even realize that it’s time to say good-bye to 2009 :)
Last year was actually a fun filled year... Home--Office--Home every day!! Though there was work load; yes it was there but I was surrounded with friends who made that pressure too seem like joy... Thanks to all my friends for handling me so well in my bad times... for understanding my silence for listening to my nonstop bak bak!! For every little deed that strengthened our bond... Last year was full of friendship; saw variety of emotions flowing, weird ideas capturing my mind, ups and downs...
After analyzing last few years, for me the odd numbered years were not good but 2009 was a great year. I got to learn many things, made some real good friends, was able to connect to some good old friends!! at the same time lost contact with a few good friends... But I will make it again this year :), explored the writer within me... My blog got alive!! I was able to write a few good articles
It was full of small small joys like:
v knowing people care for you..
v ur existence does matter to a few..
v Discovering that your not that real dumb as you think urself to be.. J you are worth more...much more.. J
life is bundled in small joys!! So was the year 2009!!
'Hasi khushi main waqt kaise nikal gaya pata hi nahi chala.. '
Now when 2010 is here, I want to continue this new bloomed friendship not only for the new year but throughout the life. Looking forward for the support from my friends to be continued... I know you are always there!! :)

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