Monday, August 24, 2009

One for My God!!

1. Sleep is my second love.
2. Mom is the first.
3. Nothing can wake me up once I go to sleep. Some time back you might have experienced loud thunder, lightning and some more time-- you might have even experienced mild EathQuake in Pune. I missed all this cause it happened when I was asleep.
4. Mom is diabetic patient.

Yesturday was a great day after all Ganapati Bappa was going to come to our home!!

I got up early @7 [Sunday morning 7 o'clock should be considered Early morning !! ;)]After doing all the preparations, decorations in the hall me and my brother went and brought Ganesh Murthi!! One look at him and you could just start talking to him. The whole day then went in preparing Naywedya,Aarti,pooja,evening Haldi - kunku preparations... and it was already dark outside.Went to attend society Ganest Aarti, the Cultural programmes and other games were going to take some time so returned back home. At Home we performed Evening Ganesh Aarti.Then atended to all aunties who came for Haldi kunku. Mom had fast [Hartalika Fast] yesturday, She was very tired. It was a very hectic day. Though I just helped her I could feel it was tiring, She was the whole and sole performmer of the day, Getting tired in the day was not something new , it was obvious.So I told her to go to sleep early.Since next day was office even I went to sleep. I slept in the hall. Since the day was tiring[I had worked a lot] I went to sleep soon, without bothering about anything else. withing few sec I was in deep sleep.It was 1 A.M when I got up suddenly, I dont know why?? when I looked around I saw Mom was also awake and sitting on the sofa.That was not very uncommon, I was just about to go back to sleep. But something in me just pulled me and took me to Mom. She was very cold, sweating and I just could not understand what happened to her.She then told she ate 5 banannas, had a cup of cofee. MY SUGUR LEVEL has gone DOWN!! Give me a cup of coffee.After preparing coffee for her. I sat besides her.I was very frightened.While she drank the coffee, I was constantly looking at the Ganesh Murthi whose face was lightened by the light from Diya lightened.I Now Knew Why I got up. Why I got a feeling to go to my Mom. It was My Ganesha who saved my Love!!After Mom finished drinking Coffee, I took promise from her not to do Fast from now onwards. On top of this she took her normal dose of insulin because of which her SUGAR LEVEL dropped a lot. And she was not able to understand what she should do. Her brain was not cooperating. It didnt even strike her that she could call out my name, There was little hope but still that was a option to her.after some 10-15 min she was feeling better. Instructing her to call out my name if she does not feel good, I went to sleep.Hey Sukhkarta, hey DukhHarta It was you only you because of whom I have my Mom with me today!! I have always believed in you. You have been my best Friend but yesturday what I experienced was truely Divine. I just dont have words GOD, This was the most precious gift that you gave me and that to without asking for it.Ganapati Bappa Morya!!Thank You God, Thank You!!

Ganapati Bappa Morya!!

This is something really Bad, that a diabetic patient has to go through. I dont want anybody else to expirience this but in case you have a diabetic patient at home and you do face such situation, I just wanted to share what you can do:If the persons body is Cold,Sweating and feels Uneasy not able to understand whats going on around Probably their SUGAR LEVEL is DOWN.
what can you do??
-Give something that will immediately get into the blood and increase the glucose level. eg: like glucose u should always have this handy in home[You might keep this packet near their bed cause when the time come it is a matter of fraction of sec that makes all the difference], coffee with lots of sugar, Bananas.
- Gently Rub their hands and feet, this will create heat.

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